Five Essential Garden Tools

Garden tools can be expensive, but it’s really not easy to garden without the proper tools. While you may be tempted to purchase cheap tools, take it from someone who has tried that, you will be money ahead if you purchase quality gardening tools instead. Cheap tools are often frustrating to use and will not last as long as ones that are better quality. The following are five essential garden tools that every gardener should have:

1. Shovel

Whether you are into flower gardening, vegetable gardening or both, a shovel is an indispensable tool. I would sure hate to have to do much digging without a round point shovel. I prefer one with a short handle, although there are long handled ones as well. In addition to the regular round point shovel, I also like to have what is sometimes called a sharp shooter, which has a narrow blade. It’s great for digging planting holes for large perennials.

2. Trowel

For small perennials, I use my trowel, which is another gardening tool I wouldn’t be without. Buy the best trowel you can find. A cheap one will bend the first time you hit a rock or a hard spot in the ground. I like one with a padded handle and there are also several ergonomic models that are supposed to be easier on your hand and wrist.

3. Garden Hand Weeder

Another great garden tool in my arsenal is a garden hand weeder. Little shallow rooted weeds are easily pulled by hand but weeds with long taproots and things like Bermuda grass and Johnson grass require the assistance of my trusty hand weeder.

4. Garden Pruning Shears

You can’t garden without a pair of hand pruners. Whether I’m cutting back shrubs, removing dead branches from plants, deadheading or gathering vegetables in the garden, I use my pruners all the time. As with other tools, buy the best garden pruning shears you can afford. They will make every pruning task much easier.

5. Garden Hose

The last essential on my list is one or more good quality garden hoses. I like the flat kind that don’t kink. They are more expensive, but they save you a good deal of frustration when you don’t have to fight with the hose to get the kinks out.

Once you have your essential gardening tools, you need to take care of them. Clean your tools after each use and wipe down your shovel, trowel, weeder and pruners with oil occasionally. You also need a proper garden tool storage area to keep all of your gardening supplies and tools organized. Then you’ll be ready to handle any gardening tasks whenever they arise.

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