Five Tips for General Household Cleaning

Although some people may take solace in cleaning, as they use the time to escape from work or family duties with good old fashioned procrastination. The reality is that most people dislike cleaning because it is tedious and challenging. Nevertheless, when armed with the right tips, household cleaning can be that much easier as it allows you to save both time and energy. Here are some of the tried and true cleaning tips:

Remove stains as soon as possible

Removing stains from clothes, surfaces, utensils and other areas of the household takes a lot of effort. However, if you adopt a habit of getting rid of marks before they become stains you can save a lot of this energy and make cleaning easier and faster.

For example, most carpet spills can be removed by using a sponge or absorbent cloth before the spill sets in. This is especially necessary in a household with small children where spills are guaranteed. Other stains like wine or paint may require a specialized cleaning method, so it is very helpful to learn the basics of stain removal before the stain occurs; it’s no good wasting precious time researching while the stain is taking grip.

Multipurpose surface cleaner

A multipurpose surface cleaner can be the solution for removing dirt or stains from many kinds of surfaces. This type of cleaner usually works for glass, plastic, tiles, marble, wood and metal, which are all present in the home. One surface cleaner can therefore clean kitchen countertops, coffee tables, floor tiles, microwaves, refrigerators and other items. Using one cleaner saves costs and allows for faster cleaning. Just be sure to test color fastness and pay attention to user directions before applying to delicates.

Eco friendly cleaning options

Another way of making household cleaning easier is by using eco friendly materials. Items such as salt, lemons, vinegar, olive oil and others can produce good results, all whilst using less money on cleaning agents. The salt, lemon juice and vinegar can clean utensils and surfaces, while plain olive oil can be used to polish wooden surfaces like furniture. Many other natural cleaning options are available for most cleaning tasks.

Baking soda

Baking soda is great for cleaning numerous items in the home such as glass stains, coffee stains in mugs, scrubbing and freshening clothes. It is cheap and available from every grocery store, and lasts long so large quantities of baking soda can be purchased. Baking soda can be used as a scrubbing agent when mixed with plain water to form a paste. It is also odorless as an added bonus.

Set a cleaning routine

Small cleaning duties such as dusting, vacuuming and laundry can be easily incorporated into a routine even for busy people. These activities can be done in a couple of hours per day, or once a week. Those with families can distribute cleaning duties among themselves to minimize the work and keep the home in good condition. A routine is ideal because one gets used to effortless household cleaning.

With these 5 cleaning tips, most people can adapt good cleaning habits and maintain a tidy and hygienic living environment. However, if you’re just feeling swamped by work and lack enough time in the day, then perhaps it’s time to consider a house cleaning service. Either way, the most important thing is to find a solution that works for you, because a clean house is just so much more pleasant to live in.

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