Five Useful Carpentry Tools for Outdoor Use

When you think of carpentry tools, such as hammers, saws, and levels, you most often probably think of doing work around the inside of the house or puttering around a basement or garage workshop. But carpentry tools have a big place in outdoor projects and everyday outdoor maintenance as well, just like garden tools, and are essential tools needed for many exterior do-it-yourself projects.

So, we thought a short carpentry tools list that describes five of the most useful tools from your indoor tool box that will do double-duty as outdoor tools would be worthwhile, so you can put together your own outdoor carpentry tool kit to have available whenever you have a few projects that need to be completed outdoors.

Tape Measure

No matter what type of project you are working on, you will often find yourself in need of a tape measure. This can be used not only for large woodworking projects, but can even be used to gauge how far apart to plant flowers, to determine how large the patio is so that you know whether that outdoor patio furniture you fell in love with at the store will fit, and to measure distances for outside light installation, among many other uses.


Whether you are working indoors or out, a hammer is an essential carpentry tool that no homeowner can be without. Whether it’s to tap down wayward nails in the deck or to attach something to the exterior of the house, a hammer always has many uses and belongs in every tool box.


When it comes to carpentry tools, no tool is more essential to ensuring a professional finished project than a level (well, maybe a tape measure will be a close tie). Levels provide you with the ability to make sure your work is level and finished properly. This is important whether you are hanging a set of outdoor lighting sconces on either side of your front door or are preparing the ground to install a patio slab or walkway.


No homeowner should be without a set of Philips head and flat head screwdrivers for both indoor and outdoor use. Another of the most widely used carpentry tools, screwdrivers are constantly used to assemble furniture, install lighting, tighten up gates, and more. Almost nothing can be put together without the use of a screwdriver.


There are many different types of saws, and this particular tool can fall into the category of either carpentry hand tools or carpentry power tools, depending on what type of saw we are talking about (all of the other essential carpentry tools on the list are hand tools). From a basic hand saw, used to saw off dead tree branches, to a circular saw to help you build an outdoor wooden bench or other wood construction projects, there are many uses for saws and a number of different types of saws to choose from.

It is not necessary for homeowners to go out and purchase a second set of carpentry tools just to use outside, but if you spend a lot of time working on outdoor projects, it is probably worth the investment to at least get a second set of the most used carpentry tools so that you do not have to constantly run inside every time you need to work on a project or make a minor repair.

When it comes to these types of carpentry tools, prices are usually not that expensive, with the exception of some types of power saws. You should still not skimp on price when buying these tools because you want a high quality tool so that it will last, and you should make sure to not leave your tools outdoors where they can rust. You can find carpentry tools for sale at a wide variety of stores, both brick and mortar stores and online, so you should be able to find some good deals on a second set of tools if you want the convenience of having two separate carpentry tool kits.

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