Flannel sheets: comfort at its highest

Flannel sheets are made from a fabric which is good for bed spreads, sleep wear and plaid clothing. It is a soft fabric which was originally made from worsted yarn or carded wool but now is made from cotton, synthetic fibre or wool. The softness of the flannel comes from the extra brushing of the fabric. Flannel is woven in either a plain weave or a twill weave. Flannel has been available as a fabric for the last four hundred years. Flannel is a perfect soft fibre for cold weather and flannel sheets give a cosy feel to every bed. Flannel sheets are available in various thickness and quality. They can make a good collection for the entire winter, some being used on warm days and others on very cool days. Flannel sheets are very addictive. Some people want them whether the weather is warm or cold.

From a coarse working class fabric associated with lumberjacks, flannel has come a long way and has been transformed by big brand names into expensive flannel sheets for luxury beds. The recognition of good flannel is done by a thread count. Really good flannel sheets will have a thread count of 300 to 400. A lower level of flannel sheets will have a thread count of 200 and above. The cheaper and coarse variety has a low thread count of 80 to 120 threads. Good manufacturers give the thread count on the packaging. A simple way to gauge the thread count is to hold the cloth towards a source of light. If light passes easily through the cloth then the thread count is low. If the light has difficulty in going through the cloth then it has a high thread count.

The preference of flannel sheets for bedding can be attributed to childhood memories. Flannel sheets represent security and cosiness while living as children with loving parents. That memory remains etched in the psyche and whenever flannel sheets are used it kindles memories of home. Another reason today for flannel sheets is the availability of sheets made from cotton. They are double napped and brushed to an extreme softness. They become ideal for summer beds too because of the cool feel of cotton. Modern methods of weaving and finishing have also done away with the usual complaint of pilling with flannel sheets. These new wonder flannel sheets stay faultless for a long time.

Flannel sheets are available in many designs including the traditional checks. They are also available in nursery prints for children’s beds. They are available in polka dots and a velvet finish. The sizes available are in Full, King, Queen and California King. It is flannel that breathes in the summers. Modern branded flannel sheets are superbly packaged and are available as incredible sets at very reasonable prices. Each set includes a flannel sheets set, flannel pillow cases and comforter cover. The prints are very modern and can be floral, geometric or nursery. Everything is fabricated so superbly as to be machine washable. The new era in fabric design and finishing ensures that in future too cosiness and security will always be linked to flannel sheets.

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