Flat Screen TV Stand Buying Guide

The market for flat screen TV stands has become one of the most explosive markets recently. With the virtual and realistic explosion in the television industry due to the falling prices in cutting edge flat screen technologies demand for supporting products and accessories has skyrocketed as well. Just a few years ago, the cost of a flat screen TV was prohibitive for the average family. Now you can find models for almost any budget, and this fuels new product development. Furniture makers have benefited by being able to re brand existing stands and target these new members of the audio/visual market specifically. Today there is a whole new segment of furniture buyers. Consumers searching for flat screen TV stands.

The demand is most definitely real. If you look at the numbers from search engines, you can see that there are well over 400,000 searches performed each month for products related to them. Specifically, there are searches for flat screen TV stands and related products somewhere in the neighborhood of 38,000 per month, or another way to look at it is about 10% of the total search traffic (or about 450,000 searches a year) for them is for/or related to the flat screen TVs.

With so many people searching for the right certain something to place their new entertainment device on, demand has driven both price and design. You see a wide variety of choices out there for you to choose from when you are in the market. This is a great benefit for the consumer and the market. We get not only a new amazing technology that allows us to see our entertainment in high definition, but we also get a choice in the matter as to what we want it to look like. We can choose how we want it to fit into our home’s theme or match our decor. And this can be done very easily because of all the variety.

One of the differences between the old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TV sets that were integrated into beautiful wooden entertainment centers and today’s thinner models is one of weight. The weight of the newer models is consistently more than those older sets. This in turn means that you need a steadier base when choosing flat screen TV stands, one that can support more weight. This is more important now because a few years back all our televisions, well a good number anyway, were console TVs that would be placed on the floor. Now everyone wants more of a multimedia experience, myself included, and to accomplish this we tend to place the TV set higher up to accommodate a better line of sight. The ramification of this, of course, is we must compensate with a more stable base to protect our investment.

Another thing to be aware of is storage space for our accessories. Even ten years ago we didn’t have half of the accessories for our televisions that we have now. I mean, maybe you had an Atari or a Colecovision game system and a VCR, but that was about it. OK, maybe that was twenty years ago, but that doesn’t negate the fact we have more entertainment accessories now than ever before. From the multiple games consoles to the wireless connectivity to the integration with phone lines and personal computers, we have a lot more stuff to store with our TV. So when you are shopping for flat screen TV stands be aware you want to match your storage space to your accessory addiction.

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