Flower Bulbs – Useful info

Ideally, bulbs must be planted in groups, small clusters or large beds. Gardeners must plant scattered clusters of early-flowering bulbs to give a natural look to the garden or landscape.

Most spring-flower bulbs grow well in full or partial sun. Bulbs should be planted in areas with good drainage, as they rot in standing water. Gardeners must dig trenches for bed planting or individual holes for single bulbs or cluster of bulbs. Large bulbs are usually planted about 8 inches deep, while small bulbs are planted 5 inches deep.

Loosening of soil and aerating it before planting, ensures better growth. Generally, a little peat moss is mixed with the soil to improve soil drainage. Bulbs should be firmly placed in the soil with the pointed side up. Large bulbs must be planted 3-10 inches apart whereas small bulbs are planted 1-2 inches apart. The bulbs must be covered with soil and watered generously.

Pest problems are most common in fall and spring season. Gardeners must take adequate measures to protect their gardens from pests. Barriers like a fence may be used to protect gardens from animals.

Flowers are a refreshing sight and a beautiful garden or a landscape is just what anybody would wish to have in front of their house. Besides, planting flower bulbs is very easy. Even a small kid can plant flower bulbs with the help of a few instructions. It is better to purchase flower bulbs as soon as the planting season begins. Online purchasers can book in advance and receive stocks in time for the planting season. Gardeners must buy and plant hardy spring-flower bulbs, such as crocuses, tulips and daffodils, in fall season. The best period to buy and plant tender summer-flower bulbs, such as gladioli and lilies, is the spring season.

Retailers generally grade the bulbs that are offered for sale. Most retailers offer discounts for bulk purchases. Ideally, a gardener must decide the spacing between two bulbs in advance, to determine the quantity of bulbs required for each planting area. Bulbs such as tulips and hyacinths that usually need chilling in mild climates should be bought early enough to store in the refrigerator six to eight weeks before planting. Another alternative is to buy pre-chilled bulbs. It is not always advisable to bargain for flower bulbs.

When people choose to buy wholesale flowers, they anticipate the lowest possible rates. Apart from monetary benefits, potential customers need to be attentive to the wholesale flower shop’s reputation and delivery conditions. Retail flower dealers and traders often visit such shops, along with the customers who need a large quantity of flowers, for weddings or other celebrations like Valentine’s Day.

Dried flower shops may be local stores or online shops. Special stores even provide exotic dried flower arrangements that are comparatively expensive. Apart from off the shelf arrangements, customers may choose to order tailor-made arrangements of special flower combinations. Studies suggest inline dried flower shops offer reasonable rates as compared to local stores, or at the mall.

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