Flower categories: annuals and perennials

For those who are not full time gardeners there needs to be some way for them to get to know what to do and when so that their gardens are beautiful all the year round. For this very purpose garden as well as flower guides were drawn up to educate people about the finer nuances of gardening. The first aspect that we come across in a garden are the flowers that strike us in the face as they are vibrant and full of life. However we need to know when to plant them and how to take care of them in order to keep up the beauty of our gardens.

Flowers are divided into two main categories annuals and perennials. Annuals are those varieties of flowers that grow in one season, provide the beauty and then die off only to be revived next year. The perennials however provide beauty and color to your lives all the days of the year as they return season after season unlike annuals. Annuals are more onto height and color while perennials are more into texture, foliage and color.

Annuals can be used for a variety of decorative purposes and you can see them flourishing in rock gardens, Japanese gardens, pots as well as garden edgings. Annuals are quite inexpensive when you consider the fact that they are alive for only a season during the year. You can start your collection of annual as well as perennials by purchasing potted seedlings for your nearest flower nursery. Some of the many flowers that are worth a pick are the following annuals and perennials:


The Dahlia – this flower blooms in every possible color except for blue and green. The plant grows to about six feet in height and is a great addition to your rock garden flower bed.

The Marigold – this flowering plant flowers mostly during the months of October and the season lasts up to the months of June. The plant grows to a height of about four to six inches and bears flowers that are gold, orange, yellow, as well as near red in color.

The Tricolor Chrysanthemum – this flower grows up to three feet in height and bear flowers with colors ranging from maroon to red to pink to white to gold and yellow.

The Begonia – this flowering plant grows up to twelve inches in height and bears flowers with colors like white, red, rose and scarlet.


The Daisy – this flowering plant grows up to about four feet in height and has flowers that are usually white with specks of gold in the middle. The plant blooms all through the summer time.

The Felicia – this plant usually grows to about two feet in height before giving out light blue colored flowers that bloom through the summer months and until the fall.

The Peony – this flower plant grows to a maximum height of about four feet and gives out blooms that are white, red maroon or scarlet in color. Blooming occurs from spring to early summer.

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