Flowers are a gift of nature-take care of them

Did you ever imagine life without flowers? Well don’t you think it would be so dry and dreary? The natural environment will get destroyed in the absence of flowers. No flowers mean no seed, no plant reproduction and no food for animals as well as for human. In short the life on earth would be finished. Isn’t it sounding scary? Due to this reason, it is the duty of every human being to take a good care of this beautiful gift of nature.

Just like humans, flowers are also hungry for love and affection. It is a truth that if you keep on cursing and abusing a plant everyday continuously, the plant will get dry and then it will die. The more you will love the flowers, the better will they bloom. Taking care of the flowers is just like caring for a child. You need to feed them with required food and water on time. Keep them safe from natural calamities like heavy rainfall or excessive heat. Remove the dirt as well as dangerous insects.

Every flower requires something different from other for increasing their life as well as glory. Under mentioned are some flowers as well as information about their care taking.

King of flowers-Rose: The life of a single rose is not more than 10 to 12 days when placed into a vase. However from the 5th or 6th day it starts loosing its beauty. If the flower gets faded, just cut the stem again and dip almost 3 cm of the stem into boiling water for few minutes. Fill the vase with cold water and place the flower once again into it. It works like magic.

Delightful Daffodils: This is a flower symbol of spring. Using them for home decoration helps to add brightness into the rooms. Taking care of daffodils is slightly different. It is not a great idea to put them into a vase already filled with other types of flower. This is because a creamy liquid comes out of the flower which can affect the others.

Lovely Lisianthus: You might not know the flower by its name, however you must have seen these in the shops of top florists. Lisianthus is a beautiful flower available in many shades like pink, white, purple etc. Some are even multi-colored. It is a multi-headed flower whose life is not more than a week. For getting new buds on the stem, it is advised to break the old heads.

Apart from these special treatments, there are some common factors which have to be kept in mind while caring for the flowers.

  • While planting the packed seeds, it is always advised to follow the instructions written at the back of the packet.
  • If you’ve purchased the flowers from outside for home decoration, always cut the stems once again before placing them into the vase. It helps to keep them fresh for long time.

At the end it could be said that flowers need equal importance like your baby. That is why it is essential to keep yourself updated by several methods used for taking care of flowers. So apply the points mentioned above and give the flowers a new life.

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