Flowers – gift of nature

The nature has blessed us with a superb gift which is omnipresent and adds colours to our life. Flowers form an inseparable part in our life. Flowers associate with our lives from birth till death. It is useful almost on every occasion from expressing love, worshipping, and celebrating festivals, sharing happiness, to paying homage. It makes the environment pleasant and has the capability to swing moods for the better.

Throughout its life, a flower is used for all events and occasions. It teaches us that we should also spend our life for making others happy. They show us a way of positive attitude towards the life. The way a blooming flower faces sunlight we should also face every situation of our life in a positive way.

Aromatherapy is a branch of medicine that uses the fragrance of flowers to heal illness. It uses oils extracted from flowers showing good medicinal properties. These oils are mind relaxing and when used in massage, gives ultimate results. Floral ointments cure pain up to a great extent. They offer a sweet and enchanting scent that refreshes your body and soul.

Flowers have proved to be very effective in curing ailments since ancient times. Rose water is used in various facial treatments to give a cooling effect. The floral oils are used in moisturising creams to smoothen the skin. Flowers are used in bleaches and acne treating creams for fair complexion. There is an immense use of flowers in spa service sector. Lavender extract improves the tonal quality of skin. Orchid flower extracts provide essential nutrients that maintain the level of moisture of skin’s surface. The floral waters, which are obtained from plants of mints and oranges, are used in the manufacturing of face sprays. These sprays are used after facial massage to make the skin fresh. There are many flowers that can be consumed orally for curing digestive and other problems related to abdomen. Rose extract is used for curing constipation. It is made up of dry rose petals.

Flowers can also be used as a best present for someone you love and care for. On Valentine’s Day people gift red roses to their loved ones to express their love. On anniversaries a bouquet full of fresh flowers make the couple feel special. Gift a bunch of orchids to your friends on their birthdays and see the glow on their face. If you want to make a new friend, just offer a yellow rose to him or her. Both men and women love to express their feeling with flowers. Men like vibrant and bright coloured flowers where as women are more attracted towards soothing coloured flowers which express sentiments. How can we consider a marriage without exchanging the garlands?

Floral arrangements classes are also taken these days to teach various arrangements for business meetings, competitions, and other events. Online flower gifting is a new budding business. There are various sites which offer special services where in you can send flowers to anyone from anywhere. These sites are reliable and help us to convey our feeling.

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