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People have a habit of loving beauty. Flowers, they are naturally beautiful. There are many types of flowers in nature. Some smell good, some look beautiful, and some are beautiful to watch. Besides the visual aspect, flowers are needed on many occasions like weddings, receptions, ceremonies, etc. Flowers are most commonly nutrition for the mind, to cheer up some one, or change ones mood. This is the main reason why people decorate churches and wedding halls with beautiful flowers to change the mood of people visiting.

When you go to a birthday party what would you take, obviously a flower bouquet right? The beautiful rose flower bouquet or any other type of bouquet makes the recipient happy.

Flowers are classified as National Flowers, State flowers, Exotic flowers, Wild flowers, and Tropical flowers. Most of you might not know that the Rose is the national flower of the United States, United Kingdom, and the Maldives, and has also served as the national flower of Honduras. Every country has its own national flower. For example, India’s national flower is Lotus. Every state in USA has its own natural flower. For example, Alabama has Camellia, Arizona has Saguaro, and California has California poppy.

Exotic or extremely beautiful flowers are Dutch amaryllis, Anthuriums, Calla Lily, Ecuadorian Roses, Lily of the valley, etc. All these flowers grow to be beautiful and have a pleasant smell. Among all these flowers, Tulips are more prominent. Tulips are found in wide varieties and they have different shapes and sizes. Most of these exotic flowers are planted on soil, while Lotus is a flower found in water. Lotuses are found in white and pink colors. They grow in shallow and murky waters. People use Exotic flowers like Dracaena or Ginger because they accentuate masculinity and give a rich look to any location.

People love wild flowers and show more interest to them than decorative flowers. These flowers have strong color, beauty, and fragrance. These flowers are not available in plenty because they are rare. Wild flowers are expensive too. Wild flowers are recognized as special flowers because they are neither cultivated nor belong to any hybrid group. Some of the common wild flowers are African daisy, Agave, Alder, Baby Blue Eyes, Clasping coneflower, Coltsfoot, etc.

Do you know about the largest flower in the world? Titan Arum, also called Amorphophallus titanium is the largest flower in the world. It is a tropical flower of South East Asian origin. The flower grows really big and it is the world’s largest un-branched flower. These flowers hold special place in people’s heart mainly because of their exquisite beauty and unforgettable fragrance.

Tropics are geographic regions. The tropic of cancer is in the north and the tropic of Capricorn is to the south. Tropical climatic conditions are found in regions like the Amazon Basin of Brazil, and the Congo Basin in West Africa, amongst others. Orchids, Gingers, Heliconias, and Rhizomes, etc, are all famous tropical flowers. These flowers suit different climatic conditions and they rarely grow in Polar Regions. All tropical flowers are exotic for Europe and America.

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