From a Teacher to a Woodcrafter – Liliia Tereshkiv

Hi everyone! My name is Liliia Tereshkiv. I am Ukrainian, originally from the pre-Carpathian region. I’ve been living in Italy for 3 years already. How did I come to be a crafter? The matter is it has always been a part of me :)) But… in life we make different decisions and different choices. Mine was to become an English teacher.

Wood miniature pile. Candle tea light holder.

Eight years of work and at the peak of my career, I got married and moved to Italy. It was here after a hyperactive life, finding myself in 4 walls without knowing a language and without my roots, that I began to return to my hobby. It was a long time forgotten part of my essence by then.

Coffee paintingCoffee painting, flower.

For 8 years I did not have time for any kind of art. Before that I was dancing, painting, knitting, sewing, embroidering (even created the design and embroidered my wedding dress), etc.. But I believe that if we are born for something, it does not matter what we do, life will make us go back to the flow to get to our true destination.

Wood wine rustic boxWood and stone key jewelry holder

To adapt quickly and not to go mad from a drastic change in life I started to act. Thanks to my dear husband for his support, patience and understanding). My first experimental place was our balcony. From gray rectangular space I made something like a winter garden with tulips and strawberries; a ceiling with painted clouds; hand-carved wooden wall decorations for flower pots and a final chord— a lamp.

Wood burned Christmas bells. Wood burned Christmas trees

A wooden rustic lamp I made became a starting point for me. It is simple, minimalistic, as I love, and unusual for these places. Scandinavian and Italian styles represents opposites in almost every aspect. Then we bought more wood for a smaller table lamp. My friend, a photographer, liked them and made a professional photo shooting. And off we went! Half a year of self-education from scratch and I opened an Etsy shop.

Wood burned Christmas ornaments

I decided to stay in a wooden niche, or rather in an eco-style, as I am much into it. Natural materials of high quality are very important for me. Now I have expanded to wood and silver/ copper/ brass jewelry, home décor and paintings made with the help of coffee on watercolor paper. Since I couldn’t find all necessary handmade findings, I started to design and make them myself from pure and oxidized copper, brass and sterling silver. They are also available for other crafters in my shop.

Wood cat coaster

I adore pyrography and show it from a different side. I try to break stereotypes that it can be only rustic and not much fine, showing that wood burning is elegant and stylish also in minimalism.

Wood Miniature pail. Rustic candle tea light holder. Table decor

If you like natural things: simple but elegant with not standard combination of shape, texture and color that creates smooth and balance feeling, we are on the same wave 😉

Wood hearts ring boxWood fridge magnets

I know for sure that this is not the end. I want to study to become a jeweler (actually, a metalsmith would be already great). The more inner transformations, growth and changes I pass, the more changes in my activities appear. Who will I be in five years? A mystery. But I’m interested in motion, and not in the final destination. 🙂

I’d like to share more about lamps I create and why they are special:

I adore when an item is like a transformer, multitasking. Thus, it won’t become boring in time. And I do make such. First and quite important is that purchasing 1 lamp you get 2. How is that possible?

  • Both lamps are made of wood fully by hand but they are a bit of different styles.
  • Shade is created by assembling a series of highly sanded strips of wood into a shape.
  • Ideal for all styles and kinds of rooms, makes a relax light to give you comfort you need.
  • The spaces between the sticks create a delicate effect of light and shadow on the surrounding walls and table.

To give you more possibilities to play with shade and light creating the perfect effect according to your mood I offer also a wooden removable lid.

Wooden minimalist cylindrical Scandinavian lamp

The wood is light, smooth and untreated (any color, mineral oil, hard mineral oil or varnish can be customized).

Wooden minimalist star Scandinavian lamp

* If tonight you feel like you want a more rustic minimalist lamp with brighter orange but concentrated in one place light created by Edison bulb, you simply remove the shade! Inside you’ve got another lamp made of fallen walnut wood branch and coated with linseed oil + beeswax.

Wooden minimalist geometric rustic Scandinavian lamp

Wooden minimalist rustic Scandinavian lamp

Wooden minimalist spiral Scandinavian lamp

Wooden minimalist spiral Scandinavian lamp 1

Wooden minimalist zig zag Scandinavian lamp

It can also be a perfect gift if you aren’t much sure about the taste of a person, leaving him/her an opportunity to choose. For more information visit my pages at:


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