Full Size Futon Mattress

Nowadays, you simply must put your foot down in favor of futon mattresses. After all, these have advantages that can trounce the benefits of conventional mattresses on many grounds. For one thing, futons are more affordable and yet still offer similar comfort while sleeping. For another thing, futons are great space savers while still blending in with the rest of the décor. So, the next time you are searching for a good mattress, think futon mattress and you will not go wrong.


The largest of all futons is, of course, the full-size mattress. This measures 75 inches at its longest side and 54 inches at its shortest side, thus, making it suitable for more people to sleep on, not to mention taller people, too. The full-size futon mattress is popular as a cheaper alternative to the queen-sized, full-pledged mattress bed. As such, it is often used in guest rooms for family members and close friends. Expectedly, the full-size futon is heavier than its smaller counterparts at the same thickness.


Full-sized futon mattresses come in various types classified according to materials used, style choices and foam thickness. For materials used, these can range from the usual cotton, polyester and wool to the luxurious foam and foam latex as well as combination materials like foam and cotton. Do keep in mind that the materials used is a prime determinant of the firmness level of the futon mattress, with cotton on the lower end and foam at the higher end.

For style choices, consumers have the choice between a standalone (just lay it on top of an old wooden or metal bed or on the floor) and a framed (the wooden or metal frame forms part of the package) full-sized futon mattress. For thickness, the most comfortable will have to be the 9-10 inches varieties, which are almost akin to full-sized conventional mattresses although at a somewhat lesser price.


Many of the popular brands strive for quality in materials and workmanship, which means that there is almost always good value for your money to be enjoyed. Among the more popular brands for full-sized futon mattresses are Walker Edison, Ameriwood, Big Sleep, Premier, Jacquard, and Homelegance.

Tips on Choosing

Full-sized futon mattresses are relatively big investments in both the financial and physical sense that it is highly necessary that planning before purchase be done. Basically, you have to look at two factors – budget and style. First, determine the budget and stick to it especially as the price range for full-sized futon mattresses will vary by widely from one brand to the next. Second, determine the style preference especially in terms of the area it will be placed in.


Full-sized futon mattresses can range from $300 upwards depending on the materials used, thickness and brand. Again, cotton is the least expensive type with the other materials varying in comfort values.

Buying Places

Just like full-sized conventional mattresses, the futon types can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, the storefront furniture dealer and online sites. Be sure to do comparison shopping as you want to get the best deal possible.

Full-sized futon mattresses are ideal for large families who frequently visit each other’s homes. It will accommodate many people with comfort without draining your wallet.

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