Fun Kids Flannel Sheets for Any Budget

Kids flannel sheets are designed to be soft and durable, making them the perfect option for your toddler or younger child’s room. They are generally a much higher quality than the synthetic sheets found at most low cost department stores, and may be washed many times before the colors begin to fade. If you are looking for sheets for your child’s bed, consider investing in a few sets of flannel sheets. Though the initial investment may be somewhat higher, the fact that they will need to be replaced less often will make them cheaper in the long run.

Many all cotton flannel sheets are dyed with 100% natural dyes. These organic materials are favored by parents who are worried about their children’s night time exposure to chemicals. While organics are popular, it is important that parents not confuse organic with hypoallergenic. Some children do react to natural dyes and even natural detergent. Always read labels carefully and make sure that you know the make up of everything that will be placed in the crib.

Patterns are a great way to dress up any crib or nursery. These prints may incorporate decorative elements from the nursery, whether they are found in the wallpaper, the trim or even just a stuffed animal. Bears and other animals are always popular, but more and more parents are opting for childish takes on sailboats, stripes, and polka dots. These colorful choices will enliven any nursery and are a great way to add color to a mostly white backdrop. Instead of using one sheet set at a time, mix and match fitted and flat sheets, using one that is patterned and one that is not. It will lend your crib a more eclectic feel.

The cost of the flannel sheets is not always the best way to determine their quality. The best thing that anyone can do to compare two different sets of sheets is feel them. Good flannel will be quite soft to the touch, and should be thicker than most other types of fabric. If you are looking for colors that will last, opt for sheets that are woven with dyed thread, as opposed to those that are solid pieces of fabric dyed late in the manufacturing process. When the thread itself is dyed, the colors are much more likely to remain in place, no matter how frequently the sheets are used.
Good kids flannel sheets are so durable that they may outlast your child’s toddler bed.

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