Garage Floor Coating Works

For many years, the only option for a garage floor coating was some sort of latex or oil based paint. Unfortunately, these garage-flooring applications came with great upkeep requirements and often had to be repainted and touched up. They would peel or chip, and could even become rather slippery when they became damp. Other applications came along as well, however, each of them seemed to have limitations regarding wear and tear, or they created a hazard and turned slippery when wet.

One of the latest trends in garage flooring has been the use of an epoxy coating to be used on the garage floor. These coatings are easy to apply, durable, and will last for a long time. They actually apply with a squeegee and a roller tool. As in any painting task, it is important for you to thoroughly clean your floor before application so the epoxy has an opportunity to bond to the garage floor securely. The squeegee is used to spread the coating across the garage floor surface and the roller helps to even the coating out. In addition, sprinkle flakes are used to create shading and a subtle grip on the floor.

Garage coatings from epoxy are cured with a film that chemically is made from an epoxy that is 2 part and will not get soft even under intense heat. It won’t peel or pull off under the wear and tear of your tires or other activities that take place in your garage. The coating should last for several years before you even have to consider touch up. Your garage flooring will have a semi gloss shine that looks as good as it performs. This surface will resist the typical corrosive fluid that often erode a garage floor; diesel fuel, gas, battery acid, and other automotive fluids. When spills do occur, it will increase the life of your flooring if you do clean it up quickly. Otherwise, there will be some corrosion that will wear at your flooring. Warm soap and water is about the best clean up solution.

These durable and long lasting floors of epoxy come in many different colors and you should easily find one that works with your garage. Once you lay down your floor coating, it dries in approximately ten to twelve hours. After sixty hours, the epoxy has fully cured and you may park your car and enjoy your garage upgrade.

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