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Why throw away and waste all the nutrients from your garden or dinner table that you don’t use when you could turn them into compost and return them to your garden? Instead of spending your money on compost and fertilizer this year why not just make it yourself from the stuff your were just going to throw away?

There are a lot of different ways of creating homemade organic compost for your garden. The most basic is to start a compost heap where you add your scraps and clippings and then periodically turn or flip the pile over with a pitch fork or shovel to aerate it. This will do the trick but is probably the most labor intensive option.

Another way to make your compost is to get yourself a compost turner. This a basically a container which you fill with your scraps and clippings and instead of having to dig and flip it, it is set up so you can just turn a handle and it will do all the aerating for you. Just turn it each day when you are outside and in a few weeks you have compost. Just empty the compost turner tool and start the process over again.

Another easy and fun way to make your compost is to get yourself a wormery. This is where you either make a bin or buy a kit which your fill with moist newspaper and red wiggler worms. You then add your scraps or clippings each day and let the worms eat it. Their waste is the best fertilizer you can use! And you don’t have to do any of the work other then the initial set up and putting your food in the bin each day (don’t worry the worms can go at least a week in between feedings if need be).

So choose your method and get to work on creating your own homemade compost this year. It’s all stuff you were going to throw away anyhow and your garden as well as the environment will thank you!

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