Garden Decor – An Informal Process

Garden décor comprises everything in your outdoor space or garden that creates a mood or sets a style for the space. Similar to interior décor, outdoor garden décor sets the theme for what you want your space to look like and different aspects of the way you set up and decorate your backyard or garden will add to that theme. Home and garden décor aren’t really that different in principle, although with lawn and garden décor, you are dealing with a more open and expansive space and it is generally a more informal process.

Outdoor garden decor encompasses everything from whether you have a deck, patio or pool to whether you have loads of beds loaded with wildflowers or a well manicured lawn. But it’s the finishing touches that really set the tone for the style of your backyard – the little accessories placed around the yard that bring in the personal elements that are all your own.

For example, if you are into a whimsical garden décor theme, you may want to place gnome garden statues throughout your flower beds to add some charm. If Asian garden décor is more your thing, then you will tend towards a more manicured look with Asian-inspired accents to give you the feel of the east. Those who like a more rustic garden décor theme may opt for more natural objects made from wood or those with a more classic charm.

When it comes to lawn and garden decorations, there is no end to what you can find if you are looking for it. Home improvement stores, warehouse stores, lawn and garden stores, online retailers and a variety of garden décor catalogs offer loads of different types of garden decorations. From metal garden décor, comprising statues, wall hangings and small or large objects to place around the yard, to theme related items, such as frog garden décor or dragonfly garden décor (two very popular themes!), there are lawn and garden decorations to suit any decorating style. There are also more utilitarian items, such as garden fencing or lighting, that can be found to suit different decorating styles .

Making your garden decorative can be an informal and fun process because many of the rules for interior décor can be lightened up a bit. Unlike the more stringent rules, such as how objects should be placed in groupings or what colors go together well, outdoor garden decorations can be selected piece by piece or simply because you like them or bought them on a whim. There are no rules – after all, your garden space is a place to relax and let loose a little, so the more color and the more interest that graces the nooks and crannies of your backyard, the better. A garden decoration “works” in a space if it makes you happy to look at it. It’s really as simple as that. No fancy experienced decorator needs to tell you that – a garden is a much more informal space than a living room (although there are those that enjoy formal and manicured gardens, and in that case, what makes them happy may be a bit more reserved and streamlined.)

If you are looking for garden décor ideas, peruse through home and garden magazines, spend some time surfing the net, pick up a garden décor catalog, or simply stroll through your favorite stores. Then, when you find something you like, add it to your garden or yard in a place that seems logical and sit back and enjoy the view!

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