Garden Lighting to Make a Garden Sparkle

Many people have gardens they would like to be in all the time, even at night. The problem with this is that they often are not sure as to what lighting will work best for a garden and how it can be installed.

Installing the Lighting

One of the biggest concerns for those that want to have lights set up is dealing with garden lighting installation. This can be a big ordeal, but it can also be as easy as the gardener wants it to be. The first thing they will need to do is to find out what kind of lighting they want to use. A lot of lighting is solar powered and can be installed fairly easy. Some other lighting rigs use corded lights on a timer. Figuring out which one will be used is half the battle.

What to Consider

One of the top things for a gardener to think about is where the lighting will be set up. Most gardeners want their garden to be the center of attention. When their lighting is not set up correctly, it can change the dynamic of that garden. Anyone looking at the lights in their garden should think about where they are going to put the lights and how they will look once the garden is in full bloom.

Another thing to consider is maintenance. If a garden is going to be taken care of most of the time, then that garden lighting may not have to stand up to as much abuse as a gardener that just wants to add their lighting and go. Gardeners should think about this when they are looking at lighting options of their garden.

Lighting a garden to make it sparkle is really not as hard as many think. Gardeners just need to wonder about what they want to be seen in the garden and how the lighting will best suit them in the long run.

For more tips and tricks on adding lighting to your garden, be sure to check out the Garden Lights Guide. You’ll find more ideas on designing the perfect garden and accentuated it with all the proper lights.

3 Ways to Use Garden Lighting

Installing garden lighting is a great way to increase the attractiveness of your home while at the same time providing a lot of functional benefits. If you want to try to install your own lighting system, here are three different ways that you can install your lights to create a lot of different great effects.

The first, and most popular type of garden light installation is uplighting. Uplighting is simply placing a light fixture pointing up to the sky to cast light on an object. Many times this creates really interesting effects because we’re used to seeing the object lit top down from the sun. Lighting it from the bottom up can reveal a hidden uniqueness. Popular things to uplight include trees, statues, and fountains.

A second popular type of lighting is ground lighting. Most times outdoor path light will use this type of lighting style, but you can also use it to light up flower beds with some cool results. To install a ground light, you need a light fixture such as a mushroom lamp that has a shield on the top of it. This directs the light down to the ground, keeping it right where you want it. Ground lighting is great because it lets you see where you’re going and what is on the ground, but doesn’t pollute your landscape with light.

Cross lighting is a third type of lighting that you can install in your yard or garden. With cross lighting you place a light fixture inches away from an object and light is sideways. This is great to light up wall or fences that have interesting textures because the shadows will bring out the texture.

These three methods of garden lighting are a great place to start your outdoor lighting plans. If you need more help, search around or ask at your local home improvement store.

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