Garden Urn Basics

Raise the subject of garden urns with most gardeners and you’ll likely get a quizzical look. Most gardeners consider their gardens to be a simple matter of plants. Maybe they allow for some shrubs or trees. And there’s nothing wrong with that. A nice spread full of rose bushes and daisies and phlox, maybe a nice dwarf apple or birch tree thrown in. That’s a challenge to keep going and a real joy to behold.

But consider the possibility that any garden – even the best of them – can be spruced up by the addition of some non-vegetable elements. A gently curving garden path, for example. Or a decorative stone even.
garden urnsOr maybe a really sweet garden urn.

The word urn might be subject to many connotations, but it is basically a large garden vase or garden pot that stands on a pedestal of some sort. Typically, the urn is filled with something – earth for additional plants, say.
But there are some garden vase fans who think they’ve got enough flowers and plants. Well, you can also fill your garden urn with water. This might not be the fancy bird bath that many people envision, but it will certainly attract more birds to your garden and keep them happier than they might have otherwise been.

Urns come in so many shapes and sizes that picking the right one can be a real challenge. Don’t allow yourself to be stressed! After all, you can add many urns to your garden space. Look at the tall narrow ones and the squat ones. Consider those made of terracotta and those made of wood. You can even find hand-crafted garden urns from local artisans.

In the end, once you’ve decided to add some urns to your favorite garden, the only limit is your imagination. Ask yourself what would look best in your garden and don’t rush the answer. Grab a seat and spend a few minutes studying this beautiful space you have created. Any gaps that need filling? Any spots where you can see the perfect clay pot? It’s not to say that the garden is deficient, but there is almost always room to add a little spice and that spice may come in the form of an attractive and interesting garden urn.

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