Garden Wheelbarrow Buying Guide

Garden wheelbarrows are perhaps the most trusted of old friends for any gardener. Always on hand to help you out with an arduous lifting task, its not difficult to see why so many of us simply couldn’t function in the garden without the wheelbarrow. It seems that no matter the task I’m involved in there is always cause to call on the barrow at some point in the day.

Of course the most common use for the barrow is in transporting heavy objects that would otherwise threaten to break our back, but the wheelbarrow comes in handy when our day is filled only with simple jobs such as weeding or planting.

When weeding a vegetable garden its not long before the weeds have build up to a sizable pile and moving them over to the compost heap can be a pain if doing so by hand. Bring in the Wheelbarrow things are much more satisfying, you can clear a mountainous weed pile and get it tidily away in the compost heap in no time at all without a trail of dirt and weeds through the garden.

If you are the type of person who spends a lot of time out in the garden doing all sorts of tasks then you’ll probably know how invaluable a friend the garden wheelbarrow can be. At the end of last year my trusty wheelbarrow which have owned for more years than I care to remember finally succumbed to the rigors of old age and collapsed mid-task. After nursing my sore toe from bruising caused by a falling log I sat down to lament to passing of my trusty old friend.

Its funny that we become so used to certain tools in our everyday life that we fail to recognize how important they are to making our lives easier. When my garden wheelbarrow died I was out of work and decided to put off buying a new one thinking that I could do without. Well, I could do without, but my life in the garden became much less pleasurable as I was obviously having to do more lifting, and carrying fiddly little things like weeds and pots around became a pain.

I put up with the situation because I was short on cash and thought I would just muddle on regardless. With the coming of spring things got worse as I spent more time in the garden planting new crops for the year ahead so I decided to take the plunge and buy a wheelbarrow that my garden would be proud of. As it turned out, doing research online I found that you can actually pick up a garden wheelbarrow for not much cash. £30 seems about the average price for a galvanized body wheelbarrow although I wanted something a little more special to take the place of my old friend.

In the end I decided to plump for a Great Dane 300 Wheelbarrow for the princely sum of £80, not a small amount for a single wheeled dirt moving device but I’m really happy with it. Its got a nicely made one piece frame, a galvanized tray and a super cool pneumatic wheelbarrow tyre.

My new wheel barrow makes gardening fun again and for £80 I don’t think you can ask for anything else. Yes its a big expensive barrow for someone for me that’s a bit short on money but I’ve got a big garden that produces much of my food during the summer so I like to think of it as an investment. Anyway I think this wheelbarrow will be giving me good service for many years in the future so I like to tell myself that I was actually saving money in its purchase as it means I won’t have to buy a new one any time soon.

Anyways things could have been worse, I could have gone the full hog and bought one of the industrial-looking 2 wheel barrows. Now they really look like the were built to last, but with a price tag of over £200 I think I’ll leave them to I made my first million. Though with a 200 litre capacity, awesome construction and 2 pneumatic wheelbarrow tires it was tempting.

The moral of the story is….. well there isn’t a moral to the story but if your a keen gardener i reckon you should try and buy yourself the best garden wheelbarrow you can afford. Its a garden tool that is just about as important as any other and does the very handy job or saving your back and making life in the garden so much easier so it pays to be extravagant.

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