Gas Yard Lights

Though commonly utilized contemporary yard lighting is powered by electricity, there are some instances where gas-powered lighting is used. Gas lighting uses gaseous hydrocarbon fuel like hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, propane, butane, acetylene or ethylene to produce light. However, these lighting fixtures also produce a lot of heat

Before electricity was widespread and economical, gas was the most popular type of garden lighting. Nowadays, though, these kinds of lighting are generally used only in colder climates and are used mainly for their heat rather than for the light they provide. When sitting in an open yard on a chilly winter night, gas yard lighting can definitely provide warmth along with illumination. They also create a pleasant, vintage ambiance and can accentuate the property’s appearance.

Gas lighting fixtures are usually made from copper. It is a sustainable and hard-wearing metal that forms an oxide layer to protect itself from the influence of the elements. Though the early gaslights were ignited manually, today they mostly use electronic ignitions. This allows them to be controlled by an ordinary light switch. There are systems that allow placing the gaslights on a timer or photocell. This ensures they are running only when needed and conserves energy.

Gas yard lights are mainly used for lighting landscapes, walkways, decks and patios where straightforward illumination is required in an open space. However, they are not appropriate for use where subtle or accent lighting is needed.

Outdoor gas yard lights give a unique, elegant style to your property with their fancy yet quaint appearance. They will take your visitors right back to the era of late 1800s – early 1900s when style, culture and class was everything. Secure and easy to use, they light up in seconds and stay on for a long time. They are a great way of making your home look stylish and classy without a lot of effort or commitment. In the era of electricity where everyone uses similar looking electric yard lighting, gas lighting will make your home stand apart in style!

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