Get Organized With Garden Tool Racks

Are you tired of the piles of garden tools that are strewn around your garage, shed or garden building? Do you find it hard to find what you need when you’re doing some gardening? Then get a few garden tool racks (or even just one!) to organize your tools and you’ll always know where your tools are at a moment’s notice.

Garden tool racks are a great way to keep your tools organized so that you know where everything is and so that your tools stay in good condition. There are many types of garden tool storage racks that you can choose from – some can be hung on the wall of a garage or shed with hooks to hang tools of varying sizes, some can be stood on a table and have spaces to keep different types and sizes of tools, some are cabinets with drawers and shelves, and some are standalone racks with a variety of different areas for storing different types of tools. Some garden tool racks are even portable so you can carry your tools in an organized fashion with you as you move around your yard completing gardening tasks. The type of garden tool rack you choose will depend in part on what type of tools you are looking to store and what type of space you have to store them in.

Garden tool wall racks are a great way to store larger tools, such as shovels, rakes, hoes and spades. The racks have a set of pegs, clips or hooks that can be used to line up your long handled tools on the wall, so they are not left on the ground for someone to trip over. Some of these racks will also have a shelf overhead so you can store other types of tools or gardening supplies that would not be easily stored by hanging them.

Another type of garden tool organizer is one that has a series of different shelves, hooks, pegs and pockets that can be set at various locations along a backing board that is hung on a wall or propped up against a table. This type of storage rack is very versatile because it allows you to store all of your garden tools and supplies in a way that is most convenient for you based on the types of tools you have and which set-up most effectively houses all of the tools. Some of these systems are modular, so you can keep adding on as your garden tool storage needs increase over time.

There are also garden tool organizing racks that can be draped around a large pail or bucket to house your smaller gardening tools so that they stay organized while you tote them around the garden with you. These organizers are usually more like pouches than racks, with a variety of different openings and loops in which you can slip your tools to hold them securely. This is a great way to keep your tools organized on the go.

Garden tool racks can range from a very basic and small strip that is hung on the wall with a few pegs to hold long-handled tools to an elaborate system that includes shelves, pegs, hooks, clips, and more so that every garden tool you own can be stored in one place. Which type of rack you choose will depend on what you want to store and where you will locate the rack. Your budget will also be a factor in your purchasing decision.

You can buy garden tool racks at many home improvement stores, garden centers, tool centers or online retailers. If you search for garden tool racks online, you are sure to find a wide variety of choices and usually also some better prices than you would in most retail stores. Shopping online is a great way to compare prices of garden tool racks and to compare features as well so you find just what you’re looking for at the best possible price.

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