Giving Drawer Pulls Their Deserved Attention

When you are out buying cabinets and storage units, drawer pulls are not the first thing you will notice. But giving them some attention is important when it comes to matching it with the rest of your interior design. You might be thinking of replacing your kitchen cabinetry, because you feel its age is starting to show. But have you considered repainting them, getting some new doors, or replacing the pulls? This is usually more cost effective, and you still get a refreshing look at the end of it all.

Drawer pulls are present in most furniture used for storage. From your office table in your custom designed home office, to your dresser in your bedroom, a drawer pull does the functional job of helping you open drawers. Depending on the size of the drawers themselves, you can have one or two pulls, depending on what makes the most practical sense. Usually, the longer the drawer, the more the need to have two pulls. Simply having them on drawers, without a characteristic design or style, undermines their importance when it comes to complementing your décor.

Drawer pulls come in various styles and designs. Some are inexpensive, made of plastic, but more commonly, metal and wooden ones are used. Whenever you feel the need to go the extra mile with your spending, you can invest in something more exquisite, made from polished satin nickel or silver. It adds a touch of luxury to the drawers they will help pull. For the designs, you get basically any kind that you can imagine, from leaf designs to animal shapes, to even antique pieces that cost a pretty penny. In the bigger picture, drawer pulls give your drawers and cabinets a whole new look, more so when the colors you go for complement said drawers and cabinets.

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