Go Fresh With Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Freshly ground coffee beans produce a beverage with an aroma and flaver that’s difficult for coffee fans to ignore. Thanks to today’s technology, the grinding and brewing has been combined into one machine. This allows us to start the day at home with the same great taste from a bean to cup coffee machine.

A smaller version of commercial bean to cup coffee machines, these brewers still produce a full-bodied brew. The inner workings of the home use and commercial machines are the same. Whole coffee beans are dropped down a hopper, where they’re ground on demand (at the push of a button). Once the grinding is complete, the brewing gets underway with the touch of another button. And when the drink is done, you can enjoy a cafe-quality cappuccino, espresso, latte or regular coffee.

And some brands offer models with dials that let you — serving by serving — change the strength of your drink. Want a more robust cuppa, you just set the dial to grind more beans. Prefer a less robust drink, then you roll the dial down to produce fewer grounds.

Some folks complain about cleaning the units. But it’s easier now than when the machines were first introduced. Trays for the used grounds are easier to remove, as are the hoses and nozzles. It’s little wonder that these coffeemakers are favorites in offices and small bistros as well as in private kitchens.

Old, stale, stinky coffee aging in a pot is gone for good. Just as is having to buy filters, too. All that’s required are coffee beans and water.

Of more importance, however, will be picking your beans. Purchase the freshest coffee beans you can find; grind them when needed, in only the amount you will use at that time. Keep the beans at room temperature, preferably in an air-tight storage container in a dark, dry place.

To get the most from one of the bean to cup coffee machines try using different roasts and varieties of whole beans. The more you experiment, the more likely you are to enjoy your coffee-drinking experience.

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