Going Practical With Mini Split Air Conditioners

Looking for an air conditioning unit with just the perfect size for your apartment? Not a problem. Installing a mini split air conditioner may be the most appropriate option for you. With just the right cooling capacity, this type may be considered as the “Goldilocks” in the world of air conditioners: not too big such as the central air conditioning system that makes your electric bills rise to dizzying levels, and not too small such as a window air conditioner that may only lead to frustration when it comes to cooling a larger space.

A mini split air conditioner is the perfect choice if you happen to have multiple extensions or rooms in your home. Because a single compressor and condenser unit can support up to four individually-controlled mini air handlers, you can install an air handler in your garage, another one in your office space, and yet another one inside your room. And although a mini split air conditioner is as energy efficient as a central air conditioning system, you can do away with installing ductworks with the mini split air conditioner. This means great savings on labor costs.

While central air conditioners do not allow for separate temperature controls, the mini split air conditioner provides you this advantage—no more fighting over that thermostat control because as we know, we all have individual preferences; so, what’s cold for some may be just comfortable for others.

As for the installation process, you may need professional help though when it comes to installing the outdoor component of the air conditioning system as well as the indoor air handlers. However, you can expect lower professional fees since there is no need to install ductworks, which are always needed for central air conditioning units. With mini split air conditioners, the long term advantage you’ll get will certainly give you big returns for your investment in the long run.

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