Graber Plantation Shutters for your Home

If you are looking for quality cheap plantation shutters for your home, then Graber may be the best choice for you. Graber has a line of shutters that can fit in any home and can provide beauty and protection to any window. Plantation shutters are an important fixture to your home since they define the look of the windows and contribute to the look of the interior architecture of the house as well. Graber’s Aurora shutters may be a good line for you to try out for your home because of the quality and the design.

The Aurora line of Graber plantation shutters is perfect for homeowners with a clean and minimalist sensibility. If you want a fresh, neat, and easy look to your home, then the Aurora shutters are perfect for you. These shutters will complement a home with a minimalist style because of its contemporary look. Each part of the shutters are made of superior quality, such as its European style hinges and the durable material from which it is made. This means that your Aurora plantation shutters will last you a long time with the right kind and consistency of maintenance.

The Aurora shutters are also a breeze when it comes to installation. Their corners are mitered, so that the shutters will look like they are a part of your window rather than fixtures that have just been added on. This will provide a clean look to your window. The shutters are also designed similar to a picture frame, so that when you open the louvers of the shutters they provide you an open view of the outside.

The Aurora shutters are available in three different louver sizes. The louver size of your shutters will determine how much concealment you get, and also how much visibility of the outside you can get with the louvers open. The traditional and typical louver size is 2 and a half inches. Three and a half inch louvers are also available and will provide you with a greater view, while four and a half inch louvers provide you with the most visibility. Choose the size of the louvers according to the size of your window. Larger windows should have larger louvers.

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