Great Garden Lighting Ideas

A cheerful, sunlit, daytime garden infused with butterflies and birdsong becomes a romantic setting of shadowy mystery with proper garden lighting. Lighting should be subtle and provide enough light to see, but not enough to cause harshness and detract from the night sky. To create an idyllic, inviting nighttime garden, less is more. There are many styles and types of garden lights and they each have their purpose.


These are lights directed toward a single element of the landscape. They are positioned to cast light up toward the object they are illuminating. Feature lights are good choices for fountains, statues or to show off a beautiful tree.

Path lights

Sparkling along a path or sidewalk, they cast sufficient reflection to guide the way. Choose a style to fit the garden, home architecture and the mood to be created. Simple low, canister type lights can shine out from under bushes or foliage. Lanterns hanging from hooks placed beside the path create a distinctly different look. Garden lighting provides both safety and beauty and adds charm to the yard or garden.

Pond lights

Water is a soothing garden feature that is enhanced by the proper placement and color of lights. Lighting adds a new dimension to the pond or fountain. Submersible lights shine from under the water with an other-worldly glimmer and are particularly effective with fountains. Artificial water lilies containing small lights float and twinkle on the pond’s surface.

LED lights

Light emitting diodes or LED lights are becoming increasing popular due to their low energy consumption and long life. They are finding new applications in home lighting. A diligent search will unearth all the traditional styles of garden lights that are available in LED.

Solar lights

Energy-saving solar lights need to be placed where they will receive full sun during the day in order to emit light at dusk. The solar battery powers long-lasting LED lights. They allow people who are concerned about the environment to enjoy the luxury of a tastefully lit garden. Solar garden lights are a good alternative for locations not served by electricity.

Incorporating garden lighting into the landscape should be well thought out and planned. Looking at pictures in magazines, books and on the Internet is a good way to formulate ideas for just the right look. Choose the type and style of lighting most suited to your taste and budget, and then enjoy the ambiance.

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