Growing Orchids Indoors

Essential Tips

Orchids are considered exotic plants but more and more people are hooked into caring for such plants and make it one of their hobbies to growing orchids indoors. Many benefits comes from growing orchids indoors; they give your home a beautiful array of flowers when the plant is in bloom, they light up any dull area in any room and basically just the sight of an orchid plant indoors is benefit enough.

The success of growing orchids indoors depends highly on the variety of the plant that you choose. Purchasing an orchid that mostly require an outdoor environment and placing it indoors will only leave you frustrated and eventually with a dead plant. So the number one rule in growing orchids indoors; buy an indoor growing orchid.

Like any houseplant, indoor orchids need the same attention and care. They may require some special treatment when it comes to light and water however, especially for the ones of rare kinds. It is advisable for beginners to choose a variety of orchid that is easy to take care of at first. Such orchid is the Phalaenopsis. They are one of the most common orchids and you mostly see them bloom purplish-pink and white flowers in seasons.

Growing Orchids Indoors: Learn The Basics

Before you buy a certain variety of indoor orchids, find out if they have a special need so that you know if you can provide that need or not. It is advisable that you get as much information as you can from the place that you got the orchids from so that you can prepare for its basic needs.

Lighting Requirements

Lighting requirements of orchids are not that tricky. The same as any other plant, they need sufficient sunlight in able for them to be healthy. Not enough sun will make your orchids sickly and too much sun will harm it.

The best time of the day to receive sunlight for your orchids is in the mornings when its rays are still beneficial for them. Avoid midday sun exposure as that kind of heat is too harsh on orchids.

Artificial lighting is acceptable when growing orchids indoors. Artificial lights like fluorescent lamps will be sufficient to use during winter time as well when sunlight is scarce. Place them a foot high above your indoor orchids.

Water Requirements

The water requirement of orchids is what sets them apart from other house plants. Unlike other indoor plants, orchids do not require watering everyday. In fact, once weekly is more than sufficient for most indoor orchids. Over-watering your orchids is a sure way to kill it. It is important to bear in mind to keep the plant containers moist but never soggy.

Growing orchids indoors is a very relaxing and rewarding hobby. Once your orchids start to produce blooms, you will be compelled to buy another one to add and soon enough, a collection of orchids will decorate your home.

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