Growing Vegetables With Container Gardening

Container gardening can be simple and easy when you know how to do it! Now, growing vegetables in containers–also known as mini gardening–is perfect for introducing children into the fun world of gardening as well. Container gardening is also perfect for those of us that do not have a large garden plot as containers are small enough to be placed in tight areas, even in the smallest of places. If you have low quality soil that is preventing you from being able to grow your favorite vegetables, then container gardening is the perfect alternative; although you need to consider the size of the plant to the size of container you will need.

So here are some container gardening ideas: Tomatoes (several varieties), green beans, squash (several varieties), peppers (several varieties), egg plant, parsley, leaf lettuce, coriander, tarragon, mint, radishes, green onions and other herbs. The mini gardener often first starts with a small herb garden, grown in containers, before moving on to growing vegetables in containers.

The soil and compost choices that you use in the vegetable container have to be nutrient- rich. Synthetic soil is a better choice for your vegetables than traditional soils. The actual container or pot that you use is totally up to you, and this is where you can have some variety to personalize your container garden. Some people like the mini-garden to be a bold statement piece, as well as a garden, so they use nice ceramic pots; but there is really no need to spend a lot of money, as almost any container will do as long as they are deep enough to withstand the growing requirements of what vegetable you want to grow, which is where the size of the plant to container ratio also comes into play.

Grouping plants on one side, with tall ones at the back, will make the entrance of your home very attractive and much nicer than just placing identical plants one on either side of the door, in the traditional manner. You can be very creative and give your imagination free rein with container gardening. It is always a good idea to make groups of odd numbers of plants, which show a harmonizing variety. Adding rocks to your cluster will make the grouping attractive. You can even use similar containers but bring variety to the group if you have them in different sizes. You can create your container garden according to your fancy, but make sure that you follow the basic principles of using good potting soil, keeping tall plants at the back, and choosing plants that will do well in the places where you put the containers.

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