Hauling with a Yard Cart


Hauling leaves, sticks and pine cones is convenient with a yard cart. Styles and shapes vary with a wheelbarrow appearance for some and others that resemble a child’s wagon. No matter which one you choose, the carts will help you to accomplish your yard work quickly and easily.

Very similar to a wheel barrow, but with a v-shape container is a garden yard cart with 16-inch wheels and a handle for pushing or pulling. The large wheels allow for the cart to tilt over toward the ground allowing leaves to be raked into the container. It also makes for easy dumping out of the leaves.

Another style of cart looks like a large wagon. It is built with steel and has collapsible sides that help when loading or unloading and for toting unusual sized loads. The load capacity for this cart is 1000 pounds and it is used for hauling wood, rocks, and equipment. The handle allows for pulling manual or connecting to a tractor.

A cart with one wheel, built from metal and a canvas container is designed for dropping the handles to the ground to allow for loading at ground level. It collapses to lay flat for easy loading or sweeping of leaves with a lawn rake. When flattened, it reduces back injury due to heavy lifting or awkward movements when filling the cart. Items are simply slid over or rolled onto the canvas. Once filled, pick up the handles and roll away.

Carts for use while working in your yard are the one-wheel, two-wheel and four-wheel variety. Each has its own style of container. Although they are built differently, they all serve the purpose of loading up items from the yard, garden equipment and other items that need to be transported across your lawn. They all help tremendously when performing work in the yard and hauling away excess leaves and rocks.

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