Helpful outdoor lighting ideas – Tips to know Before you buy

Many people are becoming aware of the effectiveness of using outdoor lighting to emphasize the exterior of their home. Not only does it make your home more attractive it also helps prevent crime. Here’s three useful outdoor lighting ideas that can help you plan how to improve how your home looks at night.

1. Be smart and plan ahead. Most people will start their outdoor lighting design by picking up one flood light at their local home improvement center while shopping for something and then adding onto it from there. If you take a few minutes and walk around your home with a pad and pen you’ll quickly be able to jot down a few ideas of what parts of your home you want to accent and get a good idea of what you need so you know what your looking for when you go shopping.

2. Plan your lighting system so that it blends into your landscaping during the day. If you have a few strategically placed rocks or small shrubs around the front of your flood and spot lights they aren’t an ugly eyesore during daylight hours.

3. If you are using a electrical lighting system (as opposed to a solar setup with no wires needed for power) buy smart and purchase enough electrical wire so you can leave a few extra feet of wire either discretely wrapped around the light or hidden nearby so that if you want to move the lights a few feet at a later point in time you can easily just pick them up and move them. Otherwise you’ll need to dig up the buried cable just to move them which can be a pain. Or an inexpensive option would be to purchase and utilize solar deck lighting. Not only will it save you money on electrical bills, but wires are not an issue.

I hope these tips help you on your next outdoor lighting project and good luck!

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