How a Garage Door Seal Benefits Your Home

The benefits of having a proper garage door seal on your home or business property are considerable. The potential for damage from intrusion by everything from the weather to varmints is real if your garage door is not properly sealed. Unfortunately, compared with all the other areas of a property’s interior, the garage quite often is the most overlooked. However, consider the inventory of things that can go wrong if your garage door seal is not properly cared for and you’ll see why it is well worth investing the time to ensure your door is sealed properly.

The first might seem cosmetic. Leaves and dirt can be pushed under a garage door by winds and rain. A mess is one thing, but a wet garage floor can make for slippery and dangerous conditions, and can cause moisture and rust damage to tools and other valuable items. Even worse, poor garage door seal conditions can result in larger cracks or gaps that can allow in pests, snakes and rodents – which no property owner wants to deal with in any inside setting.

Then there is the matter of hot air leaking out, and cold air getting in. In this day and age of thinking green and protecting the environment, and also of being cognizant of monthly utility bills, it is imperative to know whether a garage door seal is working or not and whether your garage is well insulated. Garage door seals are an important part of your total DIY garage door insulation plan. The weather will force garage doors to contract and expand, and hot, cold, humid and dry conditions wreak havoc on the sealing systems around garage doors. None last forever.

Check a garage door seal during daytime hours, by turning the lights off while inside to see if you can see light seeping in around the edges of the door. Quite often, the culprit is damaged or cracked weatherstripping at the bottom of the door, which can be replaced. Supplementing the seal with a threshold on the concrete helps, too.

Today there are professionals available to assist you in properly sealing your garage door, or you can do it yourself and turn to garage door seal repair or replacement products. Many of these products utilize very strong adhesives that secure to the garage door quickly and provide protection from the elements, pests and critters outside. The benefits to be gained from a proper garage door seal are real, and offer any property owner a great peace of mind that their belongings are protected.

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