How A Quality Conservatory Roof Should Look Like?

The beauty of asking experts their opinion on a topic is that they have some great tips to give. So, when we wanted to know more about conservatory roofs, we decided to ask some home improvement experts for their opinion as to what makes a good conservatory roof.

All of these enthusiasts were agreed that a conservatory roof is the most important part of the entire structure. Because the roof gets the most of the sun’s rays during the hot months of the year, it has to be able to reflect the heat and the harmful UV rays adequately. If not, the interior of the conservatory can become uncomfortably hot just at the time when the homeowners would most like to use it. So, although a conservatory roof may not be a homeowner’s first priority when choosing design and building options for their conservatory, it should be because it’ll be the key feature that most affects the comfort level of the finished room.

There are a variety of products that can go into making up a conservatory roof, and the advice from the experts was to spend as much as you can on good quality glazing. Polycarbonate was a popular choice among them, especially as there are products such as Heatguard polycarbonate on the market, which offer excellent protection from the sun. Glass was of course a very popular choice for conservatory roofs, and solar control glass rated highly as a conservatory roof option that would offer adequate protection.

For those that already have a conservatory built and are not entirely pleased with the performance of their conservatory roof, there are actions that can be taken. The home improvement enthusiasts suggested ideas such as fitting solar blinds to the interior of the roof and applying reflective roof films to the inside of the glazing to block the sun from penetrating the roof and making the interior of the conservatory too warm. The roof film and solar conservatory blinds can stop a huge amount of the sun’s heat and the UV rays from entering the interior of the conservatory, which not only makes it feel more comfortable, but also protects the furniture and other belongings within the conservatory from fading.

The experts finally gave one more piece of advice to those building a conservatory. They all recommended that roof vents be considered for any conservatory roof, which would allow cool air to be circulated if the temperature of the room were to become uncomfortable.
So, whether you are building a new conservatory or you already own one but are unhappy with the way the initial conservatory roof was built, this article should give you a few expert opinions on ways to keep your conservatory as comfortable and functional as possible.

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