How and why you use concrete anchor bolts

When you have concrete and you need to hang something on it or attach something to it, there are many ways to accomplish the job. What type of concrete anchor bolts you choose will be dependent on what type of job you are trying to accomplish. There are several basic bolting styles which you can employ.

If your goal is to hang something on a concrete wall, such as a pipe holder or even a picture, the simplest way is to use a plastic anchor. These will only work with light weight items as they are not rated to support a lot of weight. The way you use a plastic anchor is as follows: you drill a hole in the concrete that is slightly smaller than the anchor, then using a hammer tap it in. The inside of the plastic anchor has threads so you can then screw your bolt into it securely.

You would want to utilize a lead lag bolt for medium weight items. Some examples would be for things such as, attaching a piece of wood or decking. You drill a hole then tap in the bolt, which is similar to the process described above for a plastic anchor. The main difference here is that as the bolt screws in it pushes open the anchor making a more secure connection. This additional security is important in supporting the increased weight of items like decking. These types of bolts are generally used on walls for holding things horizontally.

Using the heavy duty concrete anchor bolts is a several step process. You drill the hole in the concrete and drop in the expandable wedge. Then you will tap in your nut and bolt all the way to the bottom. Once that is done, you attach in your item, and the screw the whole thing down tight. These types of bolts are used to hold something vertically like a sign or post.

Concrete anchor bolts are the only kind that will work when attaching things to concrete. It is important to know which bolt you need and how to use them before you start.

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