How Can I Treat Brown Patch Disease?

Brown patch disease is a common lawn disease and one important to learn more about if you do any landscaping at your home or at other people’s homes professionally. A fungus known as Rhizoctonia solani causes the disease in lawns, typically causing circular brown patches to develop as a result. People are often confused as to what they should do about this problem in their lawn, whether chemical products would make the situation better or worse.

There are a few options that can work to treat this problem. One of the easiest ways is to use a contact fungicide. This is an inexpensive solution and is found at most lawn treatment and outdoor home care stores. Check out stores like Lowes or Home Depot for a decent selection. The fungicide typically must be used for several weeks until the brown patches have completely disappeared. Read the instructions on any product you buy to be sure about what you need to do.

Of course one of the most important steps, certainly just as important as the actual treatment of the problem, is prevention. If you can prevent it from happening there will be no need to treat it.

One of the most important things to remember is to not over water the grass. Homeowners and even lawn care professionals can often get too eager especially during the warm summer months and end up over watering a lawn. This is a main cause of this particular disease. Watering early in the morning and only a few times a week at the most will help prevent the disease from developing and causing ugly brown spots on your lawn.

It is also helpful to control thatch. This is done through a process known as dethatching. Use nitrogen fertilizer on the lawn on a regular basis to aide in this process.

These are all important tips that will help keep your lawn looking its best and prevent you from having to spend money on unnecessary lawn treatment products.

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