How Could You Live Without A TV Swivel?

When you bought your new flat-screen LCD TV you thought, you would just push your coffee table against the wall and that would be your new makeshift entertainment center. Well, if you are going to be that cost conscience after plopping down fourteen hundred dollars on your new fifty inch television, then you should buy a TV swivel so you can adjust the viewing angle more readily.

They are inexpensive, versatile, and very functional as decorative powers. Most big box stores will have a nice selection of these available when picking up your mega-sized idiot box, and it will make for a better viewing experience immediately when you place in under your new home entertain toy.

The swivel TV stand weighs less than a pound generally and works off the same premise a “Lazy Susan”, that goes on to the center of your dining room table, to let food spin around for easy reach to all seated. Of course, the data cables will preclude the benefit from turning a full three hundred and sixty degrees. Once you reach the tautness of the cables, and may rebound slightly and move the TV back a little from where you stopped.

There are many versions of TV swivels available online, and many consumers use them for their home computer monitors. Think of utilizing a swivel on your thirty inch Apple Cinema Display in your home office, when having clients over for a presentation or proposal of graphic creations that you will be doing for them. They can view your work on the same monitor by slightly turning your screen so both sides of the desk can picture the display at once.

TV swivel stands go into a little more detail and features, like multiple shelves, and some cable channel management, but most importantly raising the view area several inches to give your neck some relief for either television or computer display usage. One work of art in this category is the Peerless thirty one inch stand that allows for a superior viewing height, and is in the form of a modernistic monolithic piece of art that hides all the cables, and rotates. The not so minimalist price of just under two thousand dollars will run you just as much or more than your television.

A hybrid of the standard LCD TV wall bracket is the swivel TV mounts, and mostly looks like the against the standard support system, but with an extending arm that allow for full view rotation from left to right. This is perfect for changing the view area from the home theater position, to the say the perfect viewing angle while sitting at your dining room table. Cheetah Mounts makes the APSAMB Tilt for about eighty-five dollars, and has rave reviews for its multipurpose positioning. When the Cheetah is not in use, it can fold back and become flush with the wall, giving the TV the appearance of just having a standard bracketed mount.

Using a TV in your garage or workout room with TV swivel base means that you can willy-nilly adjust the angle of view on the fly as you move from one piece of equipment to the other, like when through with your treadmill and moving to the other side of the room to use your elliptical. You merely pass by and slide the display toward the next device you will be working out on for the next few minutes. As these devices are pretty much weather proof, you can use them on your outdoor television to swing from the outdoor living room area to the kitchen so you can watch Paula Deen do her thing while you do yours.

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