How to Beautify Your Outdoor Deck by Staining It

Nothing adds more beauty to an outdoor deck than staining it properly. It is not that difficult to learn how to do staining of your outdoor deck properly.

Before your start, be sure you are not wearing your best new t-shirt or trousers.

Obviously, the first thing that would need to happen is wood stain selection. Go to a home improvement store and choose stain that best creates the look you are trying to attain. Remember that at home improvement stores, you get what you pay for. Do not choose the cheapest products out there or you will be very unhappy. Also, remember to choose a stain that is made for your type of wood.

Now, wait for a day with good weather. Precipitation or extreme temperatures would negatively affect your staining procedure. Before beginning, put on safety glasses, rubber gloves, and long clothing you do not mind ruining. Clean your deck thoroughly with a pressure washer or a deck cleaner and give it an opportunity to completely dry.This is a great job for the do it your-selfer.

As poor of a job that would occur by staining a dirty deck, a wet deck would look even worse. Not doing either of these steps properly would result in a very poor staining job, whereas the goal is to create a professional looking wood stain on your deck.

Pour some of the stain you have purchased into a rolling pan or small bucket. Dip a roller or brush into the container with the stain in it. Pick up just enough stain for a few strokes, minimizing the possibility of uneven coverage. Using the brush or roller, distribute the stain onto the deck evenly. You will desire the use of a paintbrush to get hard to reach spots. Repeat this process over all of the wood surface on the deck. You will naturally find a few darker spots or excess stain. Use a rag to gently wipe these spots up so stain is evenly distributed over the wood surfaces.

Be sure to keep your car and automotive gear away from the deck stain and splatter.

Finally, give the deck an opportunity to dry. It normally takes about 24 hours for stain to fully dry. Do not leave brushes, rollers, rags, or containers of stain in direct sunlight for a long period of time as stain is flammable and they could combust. Lastly, wood stain is a toxic product, so remember to adhere to disposal rules in your area or on the back of the container.

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