How to Build a Gazebo

Learning how to build a gazebo is fun, easy and will not bust your wallet if you do it yourself. Gazebos are usually built outside your home in a front or back yard although in some cases, some are built indoors like in a spa room. A nice gazebo provides a place for you to unwind after a very stressful day and can make an otherwise simple space look much more elegant. It is also a good venue for parties to be held, should you prefer to have them out in the open air.

There are several important choices for you to make when you are building a gazebo. Before you begin the construction, you should look up different designs and resources with corresponding gazebo plans to help you get started. You should also make sure that you know type of gazebo you want to build, because that will effect what plans you will need to use. If you are constructing a metal garden gazebo you’ll need a different type of plans than you would for a wooden gazebo.

Can You Build This Garden Gazebo?

The basic and important tools one needs are the hammer, screw gun, miter saw and shovel or the fence post digger. These are the essentials for you to use to bring the materials together, to cutting angles or when you need to dig holes when you build the base of the foot. You will also need nails, bits, drill, a pen, a paper and a few more. A list can be obtained online as you will be guided accordingly to the kind of tools that are essential to build the gazebo.

Basic materials you will need and the most important one is the wood wherein you have different types to choose from. The most durable kind but expensive is the redwood but there are other types that can offer you durability and can fit in your budget as well. Or you may prefer to use a polymer resin which can stand any type of weather; this type however is complicated and will require you to use other kinds of tools that are solely for the purpose of using this type of material. You can decide as base for your gazebo be from wood. But the majority will recommend the use of cement since they are impervious to water. You will also need water, some stocks (the dimension will depend on the kind of design you will opt for and will be provided to you), some base tubes, roof decking, columns – these are just a few I have mentioned. All the essential materials are provided as well online.

You will also need an assistant especially when you do the roofing, so he can hold the ladder for you or give you easy access to reach what you will need.

The important points to consider in accomplishing the building of your gazebo successfully is to always pay attention to the kind of materials you haven chosen, the exact measurement and cut needed, to follow the exact details that are laid out in your plan and to follow the instructions on your guide thoroughly. There are also tips or guides to help you on how to choose and where to get cheaper but good quality materials online. With all the required knowledge put into practice on how to build a gazebo, the dream of having a gazebo at home can become a reality.

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