How To Care For Birds In Your Garden

There aren’t many people in this world who doesn’t get some sort of enjoyment from watching birds in their garden. They are so pretty and make such a beautiful song. This is why there are so many products on the market that you can buy to help care for them and attract them to your nature-friendly garden.

Bird Feeders – There are so many different bird feeders available it’s simply amazing. There are ones for holding fat balls, peanuts and then there are ones that are suitable for birds that eat off the ground. If you have a problem with squirrels eating the food that’s intended for the birds then there are feeders that are squirrel-resistant. Unfortunately they aren’t all that effective however there’s one on the market called “twirl a squirrel” that is getting rave reviews.

Bird Baths – It’s incredibly important that you don’t neglect the birds’ need for clean drinking and bathing water. Water should be fresh and clean so make sure you don’t allow it to get stagnant and dirty. Some people only think about giving them water in the summer when it’s hot and dry. However birds also need water in the winter, especially if the temperatures are freezing.

Trees With Fruits and Berries – Fruits and berries provide excellent nutrition to birds throughout the year. In the summer you will have fruit and in the winter you will have berries. Having a variety of plants that provide these foods for your birds will be very much appreciated and will help them survive the lean times.

Bird Boxes – Birds need somewhere safe and warm to build a nest and by providing a nest box you will be doing them a great favour. Just make sure you learn where to place them correctly. You want to try and place the box somewhere that cats won’t be able to reach. You can also buy different boxes to attract different types of birds so having a variety in your garden will mean that you can enjoy a good variety of birds.

This is simply an introduction to proving for the birds’ needs. You will wan to learn about other things such as creating a compost, allowing wood to rot down and also how to clean any bird feeder or nest box that you purchase.

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