How To Choose A Carpot

An inexpensive option for limiting your car’s exposure to the outdoor elements is to have a carport installed. This can be one of the most cost and space effective garage ideas.

Carports are structures that stand freely from your home, but are often installed along one of its sides. You can choose, however, between attached carports and standalone carports, depending on the space you have and where you want to situate the structure. Carports are available in different shapes, sizes and materials to best fit your needs. So, if you have something large such as a boat or recreational vehicle, a carport will do the job for it as well.

The materials used for building your carport directly affect its cost and durability. The least expensive options on the market are made of polyethylene and polyester. These are a nice lightweight option that would be easy to take down and reassemble if you ever move, or want to take them with you on the road, which makes them very portable. Polyethylene and polyester will not do well in areas that sustain regular snow or ice, however. If you are looking for basic protection from rain, sun and wind, though, this option will work quite well.

Aluminum would be your next carport option. Aluminum would not be prone to the cracking that polyethylene and polyester carports are subject to in snow or icy weather. Some aluminum carports are still easily disassembled if you ever need to transport them, so they can still be fairly portable options. Over time, aluminum will rust if you are in a damp environment, so consider this when you are choosing a carport type.

Steel or metal carports are your most durable and most expensive options. The metals that they are composed of are rust resistant so their appearance will remain appealing over time. Steel and metal carports are also designed for permanent placement, although they would still function well if moved and reassembled. They are not, however, portable carports in the sense that you can easily and repeatedly assemble and disassemble the structures.
Just like with a garage, carports can be built to house multiple cars. As mentioned above, they come in different lengths and heights and could house boats, buses or trucks.

Don’t let the word “carport” fool you, though. Manufactures today offer many variations and add-ons. You can have your carport custom built, just like a custom garage. The frames can be free standing and open or they can have walls attached to them. Your carport can even be completely enclosed and sealed if you choose with garage doors. You can also have a canopy attached to your carport frame to host outdoor barbeques or provide a shaded place to sit outdoors. You can have alarm systems, outdoor wireless security cameras, or solar panels installed as well.
So, if you’re looking for protection for your car without a garage price tag, carports may be the perfect solution for you!

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