How To Choose A Porch Swing

Having furniture outdoors is a necessity for most families. It provides a place to comfortably sit and relax while enjoying the weather or watching your children play. One outdoor furniture option that many homeowners enjoy is a porch swing. A swing on the front porch is as commonplace as a porch having steps. They just go together. A swing can help you to cool off on warm summer days by swinging and creating a breeze. It can be a place to unwind with a good book, a tall glass of lemonade, or some close friends. In fact, a porch swing can become a favorite place to relax.

When thinking about using a swing on your porch, you should first consider a few options.

One of these is the type of swing that you want and what kind of material you want your swing to be made of. Wooden swings are by far the most popular choice of porch swings for homeowners. There are swings that are made of wood, but are then thickly coated in a PVC paint, that give the appearance of plastic. There are also plain wooden swings. With these you have the option of either leaving the swing in the bare wood color, staining the wood with the stain color of your choice, or covering the wood by painting it with any color that you choose. With a good coat of paint, stain, or polyurethane, you can expect your wooden swing to handle the outdoor elements very well and to look great as well.

You can also find metal porch swings or porch swings made from PVC, resin or recycled plastic. These are other options to consider if a more traditional wooden porch swing is not what you are looking for.
Another option to consider is size. You can choose from porch swings that are designed to only seat one person or larger ones that can fit two or even three people. Most porch swings are made for two and are similar to the size of a small loveseat.

When purchasing a porch swing, you also want to check it for comfort. If it seems to be lacking in the comfort department, you may want to consider adding swing cushions to it. You will have many options when it comes to choosing porch swing cushions, such as many different types of fabrics, designs, and sizes. You will be able to find one that will perfectly coordinate with the exterior of your home, all while looking great on your porch swing, and providing a great comfort level to anyone using the swing. In addition to the main porch swing cushion that you sit on, you can also add additional cushions or pillows to lean on if you feel like taking a snooze while swinging in the breeze.

A porch swing is a great seating option for a porch. You can even have swings that can be placed in a yard by attaching them to an A-frame (many standalone porch swings already come attached to the frame so you just have to set them up and you’re ready to swing). So, if hanging a swing from your porch awning or patio cover is not an option, you still do not have to do without a swing at your home.

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