How To Choose A Quality Portable Hammock

A portable hammock is the perfect thing to bring along when going on holidays or doing almost any outdoor activity. As the name implies, it is handy, easy to transport, and can be conveniently packed. There are several types of portable hammocks available to purchase, and deciding which one to choose will depend on a few different factors.

The most common portable hammock types are collapsible chairs and string hammocks. Collapsible chair hammocks are sometimes referred to as beach hammocks. These are ideal for pool parties, beach holidays, or relaxing on the patio. The string hammock, on the other hand, is a simple fabric with two strings attached on both ends for hanging in between two trees. These are more suitable for camping, hiking or mountaineering.

Whatever type of portable hammock you want to own, take into consideration the following three main criteria so that you can get the best hammock for your buck:


We are talking here of the hammock’s size when it is folded. When it comes to portable hammocks, size is quite important for transport and storage. For beach hammocks, make sure the frames are collapsible or can be folded. Meanwhile, string hammocks can also come with a lot of added features, like built in rain covers and mosquito netting, which will add to their size. The more additional features it has, the more bulky it gets, so you’ll have to decide which is more important to you – having the added features or having a small portable hammock that is easy to transport.


Because you’ll be carrying around portable hammocks, make sure their weight is not a problem. Aluminum frames for collapsible chair hammock are lighter compared to metal alloy frames, but are comparable in strength. For string hammocks, the type of fabric will be the utmost determinant of its weight. Note that with the right material, weight does not compromise strength.


Surely, you do not want to lie down on a hammock that collapses in the middle of your sleep. That wouldn’t be fun. Get the one that will at least support a weight twice as much as yours. That will at least give you the assurance that your portable hammock won’t collapse suddenly when you go to lay on it.

Generally, the choice of which type of portable hammock to buy will depend on the type of your activity and where you plan to use it. By considering the proper balance of size, weight, and strength, you can have the confidence of knowing that your new portable hammock will be comfortable and durable, while being easy to take with you, wherever you go.

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