How To Choose A Suitable Pool Heater

Thinking about a pool makes some people cringe at the thought of shivering in cold water, and this experience makes the pool become just an eye pleasing thing in your backyard, but not a useful one. But, pool heaters are available to provide comfort to human life and to let people enjoy their pools.

Several options are available to heat up pools, and the selection of a pool heater depends on many factors, such as the size of the pool, cost of the heater, maintenance costs and systems, availability of fuel, location and usage, and environmental issues.

The location of the pool is one factor to consider. Heat input varies according to the location of pool and whether the pool is located on the ground level (inground pools) or above it (above ground swimming pools). You also need to know how much sunlight the pool gets and how much time during the year the pool will be used or what times of day it will be occupied.

Pool heaters are available in various models and are made to meet certain requirements depending on the power sources available in any particular area. Electrical heaters, propane gas heaters, and solar heaters can be used for pool heating. Solar heaters are considered as the best method, since they utilize natural, free and non-polluting energy. However, personal preference and availability of resources in any particular area will also play a role in selecting the type of pool heater used.

Use of propane heaters to heat up the pool can be a good choice if the pool is not used for a long period of time or is not used very frequently. These propane heaters are good if the temperature of the pool is required to increase quickly. But this will cost you more if used for long periods of time, although the price of gas is cheaper than some other fuels.

Another option is an electric pool heater. The main advantage of this type of heater is the availability of electricity in the required location. But you need to keep the heater switched on in order to maintain the warmth of the pool, so costs can rise rapidly due to constant electricity charges.

Solar power heaters are considered a cost effective option to heat up a pool. This effective pool heating system works very well and can comfortably be used to keep the warmth of the pool steady for an extended length of time. However, they only work well in the daytime. For nighttime pool use, you can use a solar heater along with another type of heater.

The function of a solar heater is simple. A slender pipe circulates the water of pool. This pipe is fixed to receive heat from the reflected rays of the sun which are collected by solar panels. A reflector is used to receive the sun rays in a converging beam. The rays of the sun are commuted to heat the pipe which circulates the water. Usually a solar pool heater costs around $2000. But a homeowner can usually install it themselves, saving installation costs.

To cut down the cost of heating your pool, it is generally recommended that you use two types of heaters to heat up the pool water. Only using electricity or gas may increase your expenses. But, combining these types of pool heaters with a solar pool heater may be the most cost effective option. It is ideal to select a pool heater or combination of pool heaters according to your available source of energy, location and size of your swimming pool, and how often you use the pool.

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