How To Choose SPA Lights

If you own an outdoor spa, then you have probably realized by now that there are a number of different types of spa accessories that can enhance the enjoyment of your spa, as well as the functionality of this backyard addition. Spa lights fall into both categories at the same time, since spa lighting is both a necessity if you use your spa after dark and an added bonus if you choose some of the enticing spa light options that can either make your spa into “party central” or that can add to the relaxation you enjoy while in your outdoor spa.

When it comes to spa lights, there are a few different options to choose from. LED spa lights are probably among the most popular, since they provide sharp, bright light in an energy efficient bulb and the bulbs last a long time. There are some incandescent spa lights available, but you will find many more choices in LED spa lighting than you will in the incandescent variety. Another option is fiber optic spa lights, which can provide a light show, complete with special effects, within your outdoor spa.

Spa lights are manufactured to withstand constant exposure to moisture as well as heat and will not corrode easily. They are also made to handle any type of mild or moderate impact from bodies bumping into them within the spa. Although a spa light, especially an LED spa light, is made to last for years, the bulbs will eventually burn out, but you can easily just purchase a new spa light bulb and change the bulb when the first one burns out. This is not so easily done in a built in light, however, but is a piece of cake in the portable light models.

In addition to built in spa lights that may come standard with the particular spa model that you purchase, there are many options of portable spa lights that can be secured to the interior of the spa and operate by battery-power or that can float in the water of the spa to create dazzling, festive, or relaxing light effects. You can find color-changing spa lights, flashing spa lights, solid color spa lights, and there are even some spa lights that come with soothing sounds as well to really add to a relaxed mood in your home spa. Some lights look like disco balls and roll around the water, while other lights will very gradually display soothing color changes while you sit and let the stress of the day just disappear with the rising steam.

You can buy spa lights at pool stores and other retail stores that sell pool or spa accessories. Many styles of pool lights can also be used in your outdoor spa, so you do not necessarily have to find a light that is specifically made for spa use. Another great place to find spa lights is online. If you do a search for spa lights online, you will find many companies that offer a wide variety of products, including general shopping sites like Most are relatively inexpensive and are easy to ship, and online retailers usually seem to have the cheapest spa light prices, as compared to pool specialty stores.

Adding spa lights to your outdoor spa is a great way to turn this already enjoyable backyard accessory into a festive party or a relaxing oasis, and they can light up the night as well.

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