How To Choose The Best Firewood Rack And Cover

More and more people these days are making use of their fireplaces, partially as a way to help cut their ever rising energy bills and partially because a nice roaring fire on a cold winter’s evening is just that – really nice and comfortable. Aside from the great reasons to use an indoor fireplace, using an outdoor stone fireplace or a fire pit even during the summer is the perfect way to enjoy a cool summer evening outdoors or to simply add ambiance to the night air.

To have a good burn going in your fireplace, you of course need the actual firewood, as well as a place to store it. The most economical way to buy wood is in bulk (have you seen the cost of firewood these days?), and even if you are lucky enough to have a few trees on your own property that have seen better days and are headed for use in your fireplace, they still need to be split into logs and stored until you actually need them. That is where some type of firewood rack storage system comes in handy.

Whether you choose a really big fire rack – the kind for instance that can hold an entire cord of wood – or a smaller version to put on the front porch or back deck, all firewood racks are created for the same basic purpose: to get your firewood off the cold, wet ground and keep it stored away from the elements safely and neatly. A huge pile of logs littering your back yard is neither attractive nor safe, but if you pick the right firewood rack, it can actually look rather nice, as well as serve a very useful and practical purpose.

A good firewood rack needs to be well constructed, since anything too flimsy will simply collapse after you put the first few heavy logs in, which rather defeats the purpose of having a rack in the first place. Look for firewood racks constructed from a good gauge of steel and that are sturdy once assembled. Also make sure the exterior steel has been finished in a way that it can withstand the rigors of a harsh winter out in the elements (you can find galvanized steel firewood racks that are great for outdoor use).

You should also purchase a firewood rack cover, as the actual rack is just half of the system. Moisture is the enemy of firewood, so it is important to buy a cover for your firewood storage system to keep the wood protected from the weather. Some firewood racks come complete with a cover, while other models may require one to be purchased separately. Whichever you ultimately decide upon, make sure you fit the firewood rack cover properly, otherwise you may be left with an entire top layer of logs ruined by snow, rain and ice.

There’s nothing like having a roaring fire in your indoor or outdoor wood fireplace or fire pit, but in order to make that happen, you need to have a place to store some firewood. Firewood is best kept off the ground, where it can be subjected to moisture and insects that can rot the wood before it is ever put to good use, not to mention the fact that a pile of strewn logs around your backyard is not the most attractive of sites. So, whether you have need for a large firewood rack to store loads of cut wood, or a small firewood rack or ring placed directly near the fireplace to just hold a few logs, buying a firewood rack and cover is one accessory that will definitely be needed if you own a fireplace.

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