How to Choose the Best Garden Canopy?

Garden Canopy with Table and Chairs SetIf you are in the market for a garden canopy, there are a few things you should consider before you start looking among the wide variety of options that are available. You will need to decide on criteria such as the size you need, what your plans are for the canopy (are you using it only occasionally for parties or will it be up all the time?), and what style of canopy will best suit your needs.

Outdoor garden canopies can run the gamut from a small, inexpensive pop up tent, to a larger, more permanent structure that is more like a gazebo than a tent. There are also garden canopy swings, but they are simply outdoor swings with a covered canopy and aren’t the same as a large garden canopy, although people sometimes get them confused because of their name.

Most garden canopies include four support poles on the corners with an overhead canopy that is either pointed, like a circus tent, or domed, and there are even multi-tiered coverings.

Some models have sheer netting that is attached to the corners that can be dropped down to keep out insects or to provide a more intimate environment inside, or the netting can be tied back in the corners when not in use. Sizes, shapes and styles will vary considerably from model to model.

So, what should you consider when buying a garden canopy?


There are various sizes of canopies and which one you choose will depend on how much space you need. The size will affect your budget as well. The most popular size is a 10 x 10 garden canopy, but you can find smaller ones, as well as larger ones. Most garden canopies are square, but some are rectangular, with the 10 x 12 garden canopy also being a very popular model. You can also purchase hexagonal garden canopies as well.


Are you looking for a basic covering simply to provide shade or are you looking for a decorative structure to enhance the look of your backyard and be a major focal point? The style of garden canopy you choose will depend greatly on what your style needs are. You can find models that are very decorative or rather simple, with ornate touches on the side posts and along the top or very plain portable structures with aluminum legs and a basic solid colored canopy.


The type of garden canopy you buy will depend on whether you are looking for a structure to spend time in out in the garden, to place on your patio in order to house your outdoor dining furniture, to install alongside a pool area to create a cool oasis to get out of the sun, or simply to put up on occasion when you are having a party or need a bit of shade. While you can get a basic pop up garden canopy for under $100, structures that are designed to be more permanent in nature and to function like a gazebo can run hundreds of dollars or more.


That brings us to budget. There is a wide variety of garden canopy prices, depending on the factors listed above, so you need to set a budget up front before you head out to go shopping for a canopy. Your budget will help you narrow down the many choices available to a more manageable number, although you should still find plenty of options within any given price range.


Unless you want your canopy to be a single season purchase, be sure not to skimp on quality simply to get a better price. Garden canopies must withstand a lot of wear and tear from the elements of the weather, especially wind, so you are best off finding a high quality product that has a sturdy support structure and a quality fabric covering, with hardware that will not rust, corrode or break. You can find reviews of garden canopies online to find which models are worth buying and which you’re better off leaving at the store. Since the coverings will typically wear out before there is any damage to the support structure, you should make sure that you choose a model that offers a selection of garden canopy replacements so you won’t have a hard time down the road getting a replacement cover to extend the life of your canopy.

Glass garden canopyBuying a garden canopy can add functionality as well as beauty to your outdoor space. Whether you opt for a garden shade canopy to simply provide a respite from the sun or a garden gazebo canopy to be the focal point of your outdoor space, or even if you buy a garden party canopy just for a special occasion, you will find many more uses than you even realize for this portable structure.

You will find garden canopies at many large retailers, such as Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes and more. It is also worthwhile looking for an outdoor garden canopy online, since there is usually a large selection to choose from, as well as garden canopy prices that can typically beat brick and mortar stores. Amazon is a great place to look, and there are many outdoor furnishing companies that sell garden canopies as well.

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