How To Choose The Right Bar Stools For Outdoors

These days, bar stools can be seen not only in home bars, but also in kitchens, dining rooms, and even patios. The addition of bar stools on the patio, or even near a pool or garden area, adds to the casual atmosphere of your outdoor space and makes the space look more inviting, since there is lots of extra seating available. And a tall bar stool is the perfect type of seating for outdoor areas, making it easy to just sit for a quick drink or congregate around an outdoor bar or bar-height pub-style table for a relaxed barbecued meal.

Even though there are many different varieties of bar stools on the market, it is sometimes still a challenge to purchase the most durable and attractive ones that will blend in best with your backyard and garden decor while still fitting into your budget. Here we discuss a few different bar stool options to consider for outdoor use.

Patio bar stools may or may not have backrests and armrests, but they usually come with footrests for easier access to sitting and to provide a comfortable place to put your bare feet. The exact style will depend on your personal tastes and preferences.

In choosing which type of patio bar stool to buy, one consideration is the material used for constructing the stool. Patio bar stools, being used outdoors, can be made from wood, metal or plastic. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and taking durability into consideration will narrow down your options. For you to decide on which material to choose, consider first the kind of weather you have in your location. Do you experience a lot of rain, long cold winters, direct harsh sunlight or other weather that might affect your stools? Prolonged exposure to rain, snow or sunlight will surely degrade the quality of all three of these materials, but some more than others.

Metal bar stools tends to be more weather-resistant, even if exposed to various climates, as compared to wood and plastic stools. However, extensive exposure to the outside elements can lead to destruction of the material and deterioration in the long term.

A wooden bar stool can stand up well outdoors and should be made from a highly known quality of wood and not just any type of wood. They should be treated, however, with a sealer alone, or paint or stain and a sealer, to protect the wood. Wood bar stools are often more preferred outdoors because the material blends in better to the surrounding backyard and garden and is more natural. However, be prepared to pay a little more for wooden bar stools, since a high quality wooden stool will cost more than most metal and plastic ones.

Plastic bar stools are the most economical, but you usually get what you pay for. A plastic bar stool may not last as long as metal and wood bar stools do, but some will last longer than others and they serve their purpose well. You can get plastic stools in many colors and they are great to use when you like to entertain a lot.

Not only should you consider the material used for constructing the patio bar stool itself, but you should also consider the design and intended purpose of the stool. Another factor that you should consider is the location where you will use the stools. If you intend to use the bar stools you buy in both an outdoor and indoor location, you may want to get some folding bar stools, since they are portable, which makes it an ideal choice for moving the stools around wherever you may need them. Folding bar stools are also a good idea for outdoor use if you live in an area that is prone to extreme weather. You can easily fold up the stools and take them indoors or store them in the garage or a storage shed when the bad weather approaches, or if it is too windy or stormy. This can extend the bar stools life span and usability.

Whatever design or material you chose, outdoor bar stools must be durable enough to withstand frequent use and exposure to the weather and should also complement well with your backyard and garden decor, as well as with any existing outdoor furniture. They can be a great replacement to more traditional outdoor dining furniture or can be an addition to the casual atmosphere you enjoy when relaxing or entertaining in your backyard.

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