How To Choose The Right Chicken Coop Design Yourself

Raising chickens in your backyard brings many rewards, but the birds require some care and need to be protected from predators, large and small, and from the weather elements. This is what you need the chicken coop for – in order to have healthy and happy flock and hens that will lay plenty of fresh eggs for you, you need to make sure that the chicken coop is large enough.

Most people will advise you to provide at least four feet per chicken inside the coop, but the space actually depends on the breed that you want to keep. The Bantam Chickens could live well with less space, but for larger chickens, provide four to five square feet per bird inside the coop and approximately ten square feet per bird outside.

Take into account your available backyard space as well – the chicken coop should be built away from trees and away from your neighbors’ property. If you live in a city, the maximum number of birds that you can keep might be also capped by the local laws, so this is something else that you should keep in mind.

The chicken coop styles are a-frame, tractor, all-in-one, and walk-in, categorized by their sizes. The a-frame coops are the most compact, the tractor coops are movable, the all-in-one coops are ideal for medium size flocks, and the walk-ins are the biggest. All of them have their variations as well and you can customize your coop anyway you wish, as long as you make it look presentable, and work within the local laws and regulations.

The chickens require minimal upkeep and are surprisingly hardy, but you should try your best to provide them with safe and large enough home! There are quite a few things that you might not get right the first time, so it’s highly advisable to chicken coop plans at all times.

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