How To Choose The Right Picnic Bench?

Warmer weather will soon be here, which means cookouts with family and friends will probably become a regular activity. Nothing beats a good Saturday or Sunday afternoon with people you like, having a few hot dogs, burgers and other great bbq food together. But if you’re inviting everyone over for some good food, have you thought about where everyone will sit? This is when you need to have enough picnic benches around.

Thinking about outdoor seating is something you should plan for before having that first cookout. How many people do you typically have over? Are they mostly adults or are there kids in the mix, too? Once you know how much seating you need, your next question should be, what style of bench should I go with? Let’s look at some options to make it easier to decide.

For those who want to think “green”, you can find several recycled plastic picnic benches available to you. These are made up of recycled milk jugs and other scrap plastic. This helps the environment – not only are you helping to keep waste out of a landfill, but you are getting a piece of outdoor furniture that should last you years so it won’t be added to a landfill itself anytime soon. The advantage of plastic is that it will not rot, crack or sag over time. There is also very little upkeep to do with a plastic picnic bench. You will find also find plastic picnic benches in many colors. You can find them in a variety of styles, from the basic mall style bench to benches with backs to them. These benches are generally available in 4’, 6’ and 8’ lengths.

For those of you who prefer natural wood, you too will find a very big selection. You can find wood picnic benches made of pine, teak, redwood and cedar. Wood looks great, but to keep it looking great will take some maintenance on your part. You can either paint the wood or choose to stain the wood. Staining not only protects the wood, but enhances its look by bringing out the grain. You can also keep the wood in its natural state, and can just apply a sealer to protect it. Depending on the weather conditions where you live, you will have to determine how often you may have to reapply stain, paint or sealer.

Those are just a few of the options you have in selecting a new picnic bench. You can also get picnic benches in metal, aluminum, and other materials, but plastic and wood are the two most popular choices (with plastic picnic benches being the option of choice for kids to not only use for eating, but playing as well).
You should think about how you plan to use your picnic benches before running out and getting one or more.

Consider whether you want to keep one out permanently in the garden, on a deck or patio, or elsewhere in the backyard, or if you prefer to have a fold-up picnic bench or lighter weight model that you can just pull out when company is arriving and you need more seating space but can otherwise store in a shed or garage.

By planning ahead, you can make this year’s cookouts more enjoyable by ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and welcome as they enjoy a good outdoor meal with you.

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