How To Clean Patio Chair Cushions

If there is one thing for certain regarding your patio furniture and that is that it will definitely need cleaning. There is just no way around the fact that Mother Nature will deliver dirt, dust and other sorts of grime that you are going to have to clean in order to enjoy your patio set. Good thing for you, cleaning your patio chair cushions is quite a simple process. There are really just a few suggestions and steps you need to follow and understand before proceeding.

First of all, while that new power washer of yours might advertise that it is great for cleaning off patio furniture and outdoor cushions and all of that, the manufacturer of those chair cushions may not approve. In other words, the power that those washers use might be too much for the cushion to withstand. If your cushions are old, there is an even greater chance that they will be damaged by using a pressure washer. Not only that, but your warranty on your cushions may be void if you damage them by cleaning that is not recommended by the company.

So, how do you clean them? It is quite simple, actually. You resort to the good old fashioned, mild detergent, brush and hose method. You can clean your cushions quite thoroughly using a mild soap and then hosing them off. If your cushion in-fill material is more of a softer pile or loft, you may be better off just wiping them clean with a cloth and avoid getting them deeply soaked. Most newer cushions are made of materials that will dry quite quickly in the sun, so this shouldn’t be a problem. If you are really wanting a deep cleaning, you may want to look into using one of those steam cleaners that are on the market now for home use. This just might give you the cleanest patio chair cushions around!

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