How to Cover Your Skylight in the Summer

Summer months are usually hot and bright sunlight streaming down through a skylight window can heat a room up considerably. Bright sunlight can also cause unwanted glare on equipment and UV rays can damage or fade furniture. For these reasons it is essential to cover a skylight during the summer months. Although many people may not realize this, it is equally as important to cover your skylight during winter as you will find a lot of heat escaping through the skylight if it is not adequately covered.

By far the most common way to cover a skylight and protect your home from the heat and rays that stream through the window is to purchase skylight blinds. Blinds for skylights are fairly common, easy to find, and most are relatively simple to install. There are several options available.

Commonly roller blinds are installed in skylight windows. These are the cheapest blinds and they are also very simple to install. They do need to be anchored to the window, down the side of the framework so that the blind stays snug up against the skylight. This is accomplished by adding runners down the side of the framing and having the blind sit behind them. Many people keep the roller blinds closed during the day, allowing a soft, diffused light into the room while keeping out the bright sunlight.

Venetian blinds also look great in a skylight. These are also highly practical as you can adjust the angle of the slats to allow more or less light in. Thus you are more easily able to control the amount of light coming into the room during various times of the day. Either type of blinds can be motorized, making opening and closing them extremely easy.
Aside from these two choices, there are also many other options including installing frosted window film on your skylight window, honeycomb blinds, pleated blinds and Roman blinds. Honeycomb blinds are growing in popularity mainly due to their insulating properties.

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